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Improving the audience experience requires a holistic understanding of your audience across channels. Mindtree’s Audience Data Hub is the right solution for data-driven enterprises or organizations.

Media industry is transforming and has become more audience-centric

Media organizations like publishers, broadcasters, cable networks and OTT platforms are in a race to provide differentiated and personalized content offerings to their audience directly on a device of their choice. This requires organizations to move beyond web analytics and evolve towards audience intelligence – 360 degree audience view, audience journey analysis, segmentation and predictive analytics.

With a multi-fold increase in content touchpoints and subscriptions, media organizations are moving away from ad revenue to audience revenue. The ability to sell campaigns/ads to specific groups of the audience is crucial. Agile marketing will determine the speed in which new products and services reach the audience. Product discovery will be more visual, social and speech-driven. Personalization will further drive the integration of first, second and third party data. Thanks to Programmatic, advertising will compete in a dynamic pricing environment.

Mindtree’s Audience Data Hub Solution

Mindtree’s audience data hub brings modern enterprise solutions to today’s data-driven global media organizations. It enables organizations to build audience-centric features, discover deeper insights and in turn, grow revenue. We, at Mindtree, believe that for truly comprehensive views of audiences, organizations must create a single-sourced foundation for audience data that encapsulates all channels, media and interaction functions, and ties them around an audience-centric identity resolution system that enables advanced real time analytics and actionable insights derived from business-critical KPIs.

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Figure 1. The Audience data hub brings a modern enterprise solutions to today’s data-driven global media organizations

Process of Mindtree Audience Data Hub:

Mindtree’s audience data hub is built on solution components which cover the end-to-end needs for any media organization that wants to set itself on a progressive path and be relevant in the industry.

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Figure 2. Audience data hub - solution components

The Mindtree Audience Data Hub advantage:

  • Customization at scale - with a platform and suite-agnostic approach across multi-cloud environments, marketing technology, and media vendors, Mindtree builds solutions customized to an organization’s specific needs
  • Contextually-focused expertise – Mindtree brings industry-focused experience on the back of multi-year engagements, with the advanced ability to help diagnose, solution, and solve problems within an organization
  • Partnerships & alliances - Active global partnerships with leading marketing technology, cloud, and media solutions across suites, platforms and vendors
  • End-to-end service partner - From infrastructure to solutioning, Mindtree is a trusted partner for global companies

Mindtree has delivered great outcomes for clients

  • Optimized ad spend planning through viewership analytics, network carry-over analysis, new channel viewership profiling and demographic viewership segmentation for a leading American broadcaster
  • Improved contact advisor productivity by 30% by building a single view of gamer for a leading gaming powerhouse
  • Reduced customer churn by 15-20% and enabled cross-up sell by 60% through product telemetry analysis and analytics for a leading ISV
  • 4% revenue uplift via effective subscription packages, offered through state-of-art analytics for a leading books & journal publisher

Featured Insight

How audience-centricity helps media orgs meet the evolving needs of audiences

As the industry shifts from ad revenue-based models to audience subscription-based models, audience centricity has become more key for media enterprises. Audience-centricity, based on leveraging first, second and third party audience insights, allows media org to be both more creative, targeted and differentiated in meeting the needs of the viewer audience.

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