Content Supply Chain Engineering

Providing high quality digital content directly to consumers with agility

The media industry is grappling with content surge

Media companies like publishers, broadcasters, cable networks and OTT platforms are in a race to provide differentiated and personalized content offerings to their consumers directly on a device of their choice. While content is getting monetized, the cost of monetization is going unchecked.

With a multi-fold increase in content touchpoints and risks of revenue leakages, media companies need to overhaul their content supply chain to support faster content throughputs and back content demand on multiple devices, while preventing content leaks.

Mindtree enables media companies to manage the content supply chain efficiently

Mindtree’s content supply chain engineering offering is designed as an accelerator for media companies to modernize content supply chains and overcome traditional revenue hurdles. It enables companies to apply an enterprise-wide fabric for system integration with work order-driven processes by utilizing AI/ML and data-driven automation powered by a Cloud-first approach.

Mindtree's Cloud-enabled intelligent content supply chain

Figure 1: Mindtree's Cloud-enabled Intelligent Content Supply Chain

The Mindtree advantage

Micro-service framework implementation- Micro-services-based framework enabling content volumes to be handled efficiently at scale

Order orchestrated workflow - Centralized order orchestration framework powered by an enterprise service bus for better control on resources, cost and infrastructure

Enhanced automation - Automation efficiency with machine-assisted processes to automate metadata tagging, subtitles and compliance activities, while working in conjunction with human operators

Cloud deployment models - On-premise, hybrid-Cloud or multi-Cloud approach for the content supply chain for optimum operations and maximized return of invested infrastructure

Global partner network - Access to Mindtree’s broadcast partner network covering the entire content workflow for Cloud-based solutions

Content security - Securing content on Cloud by design and practice, JIT access and encryption at different stages of content lifecycle which covers content in transfer, stored on server and while it is being processed

The value Mindtree brings to media companies

  • Lower TCO – 30% reduction in cost of operations
  • Faster turnaround time – 40% faster time to market for content
  • Processes – Seamless orchestration between manual and automated tasks

Mindtree has delivered great outcomes for its clients

  • Modernized the content ingestion system (CIS) by unifying multi-vendor environment for better collaboration with content creators, independent artists, music labels and third parties for a leading US-based broadcaster
  • Built a unified media services portal to manage post production activities - from content acquisition, processing to distribution of content assets for a global post-production vendor operating in 38 markets worldwide
  • Unified distribution workflows for multi-platform advertising campaigns on a centralized workflow management platform for a US-based large advertising platform providing advanced TV advertising and monetizing solutions
  • Built a packaging solution to migrate 3000 hours of video assets from an independent video platform to a video streaming platform for a leading online education provider, supporting 30,000 students from 80 countries

Featured Insight

Broadcasters, OTT and New Media Companies: Time to Re-imagine the Content Supply Chain

Summary: Increased internet bandwidth, cheaper data costs, 5G and fixed broadband deployments have prompted a surge in content production and consumption. Media owners have scaled the production of high definition video content, which gets consumed on a variety of devices like smart TVs, mobile phones, iPads, and gaming consoles. This exponential increase in the consumption of video content online has begun to put extreme strains on content supply chains of media organizations. Reimagining and managing this new supply chain should be the need of the hour.

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