Contextual search solution for travel booking websites

ION Search Platform

What is ION?

With ION, you will provide your clients with a search platform where they can look up their travel requirements and customize them down to the last details. It is a powerful search engine with enough intelligence to be able to meet your customer’s end-to-end needs.

Further, ION gathers relevant information about your clients that will help you in tailoring your travel catalog to the current demands. Moreover, since it is a cloud-based solution, it can easily be integrated with your current knowledge base.

What you gain with ION

Powered by intelligence, ION helps you to do the following:

  • Boost ancillary sales- Identify opportunities to sell ancillary products based on context and real-time queries
  • Converse with a customer and serve them better by assisting and leading them to what exactly it is they want.
  • Better understand customer context by using semantic search capabilities since search queries do not always encapsulate what the customers want.

The unique features of ION enable any and every company to turn each interaction into a transaction.

How ION delivers on its promise

The search engine platform ION has all the necessary features to delight customers and consequently, your sales data. Here are all the features which make this possible:

  1. It is a unified solution- meaning all of the industry knowledge base is built centrally on a hybrid combination of industry-standard search components.
  2. It leverages existing investments- You can easily use the available web analytics solution to track the user journey and translate the flow/ time spent to relevant weights/ boosts
  3. It is integration-ready- Provide natural language/ context support by integrating with the Bot framework
  4. It is domain focused- Semantic search with travel-specific ontology and word alternatives in supported languages are available
  5. It is centralized- The ION platform can be used across a wide variety of digital properties like internet/ intranet apps
  6. It is minimally invasive- ION is a cloud-native solution that is delivered on-demand to consuming applications

The search implementation in ION is:

  • Ubiquitous- available wherever the customer is, be it mobile, chat, web, or voice
  • Conversion focused- by understanding the customer context and intent to lead them to the next best action to buy/ upsell/ cross-sell
  • Multi-dimensional- semantic, conversational, and transactional

Need we say more? Click here to know more about ION from our experts.

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