Mindtree Ancillary Merchandising Platform

Mindtree Ancillary Merchandising Platform

What is Mindtree Ancillary Merchandising Platform?

Mindtree Ancillary Merchandising Platform analyses physical, temporal, emotional, relational, situational, and cultural aspects to segment customers and build a context for their needs. Hence for all your customer-related research, you have a highly efficient customer targeting system at your disposal.

Mindtree Ancillary Merchandising Platform is cloud-based and easily integrates with existing solutions. With Mindtree Ancillary Merchandising Platform, you can start testing your merchandising hypothesis in no time.

What does Mindtree Ancillary Merchandising Platform do?

For airlines and hotels, customer segmentation and personalized targeting reach a whole new level on using Mindtree Ancillary Merchandising Platform. This is how it happens:

  • You’ll discover granular level scenarios for making offers through a flexible and comprehensive offer management framework.
  • You’ll then be able to execute complex offers based on a real-time customer context model. These can be your own or 3rd-party ancillaries and include statically as well as dynamically priced products.
  • Back up your segmentation and offers with A/B testing and analytics to review outcomes and iterate offers.

If you’re looking for more ancillary revenue, you’re looking for Mindtree Ancillary Merchandising Platform

According to 2019 Airline Ancillary Revenue Trends, for 69% of the surveyed travel companies, ancillary revenue is still a top priority. For over 75% of the respondents, bags and seats are the top ancillary products. These are sold while booking for 80% of the respondents.

However, opportunities to sell ancillary merchandise are sprinkled through the travel journey- right from the time of research to the time the person comes back home.

Mindtree Ancillary Merchandising Platform

How effectively an airline or hotel manages to tap into these opportunities is an entirely unique matter.

Mindtree Ancillary Merchandising Platform helps you to implement an equally unique and effective framework for tapping into and making the best of these opportunities.

How Mindtree Ancillary Merchandising Platform works

Even after the personalization wave across all industries and verticals, the process is still very much operating on a cookie-cutter basis. The personas are way too rigid and the segmentation framework flounders when any person departs from their usual ‘segmented’ behavior.

Context, however, is crucial here.

The following are just some of the parameters that Mindtree Ancillary Merchandising Platform looks out for:

  • Physical- location, home/ away
  • Emotional- excited, sad, rushed, hungry, anxious
  • Temporal- age group, time of booking
  • Relational- loyalty tier, dependent
  • Situational- unaware, considering, exploring
  • Cultural- expat, value-conscious

These are just some of the parameters that Mindtree Ancillary Merchandising Platform looks at in each category for coming up with a real-time sales context.

Imagine- with so much granular segmentation, you will be able to offer your customers exactly what they need at the moment they need it. This will make you indispensable and the go-to brand for that customer. And when you have cultivated so much loyalty in a single customer, they are sure to go out and be your brand evangelist, thus, spreading the word about how your brand is the one that ‘gets’ them and is able to offer the perfect solution at the perfect time.

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