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New advances in technology (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and IoT) continue to alter the relationship between the hospitality industry and its guests. In this digital age, customers have a strong do-it-yourself mindset, wanting to find answers to service inquiries fast, on their own terms and anytime. Especially in the new normal, contact less service request delivery is a critical element of the hospitality experience.

During a typical hotel stay, guests often seek room service assistance to order food & beverages, housekeeping assistance to get their bed done or the front office assistance to get information related to their stay. With the advent of the digital era, however, hospitality service providers often find themselves in a fix trying to get an ideal mix of technology and the human factor. While having a human touch is important, globally consumers are increasingly looking for a better digital guest experience.

The real challenges in serving such customers are; how to personalize the engagement, identifying service categories, applications and use cases that can drive business results and how to maximize the likelihood of success. Here comes MIRA, an AI solution for hospitality industry that automates in-room guest service requests using in room cognitive assistance via a virtual assistant.

What does MIRA do?

MIRA is Mindtree’s intelligent in-room cognitive assistant.

MIRA uses voice enabled AI technology to serve in-house guests by automating room services requests and its fulfillment using virtual assistant that interacts with guests in natural language
In-room services may include:

  • Food/ beverage ordering
  • Laundry services
  • Entertainment/ recreational activities
  • House-keeping services
  • Personal concierge services etc.

MIRA can not only solve your clients’ mundane queries, but also can take their order, provide them with the services your organization provides, and handle their complaints.

MIRA provides a highly personalized experience by integrating with your Customer360 and personalization ecosystem. She uses NLP and Machine Learning algorithms to understand and learn customer preferences throughout the customer journey and captures additional customer preferences to further enrich the customer profile.

MIRA saves cost, improves productivity, and enhances customer and employee experience without compromising the human factor in client-care interactions.

You can have MIRA integrated with your organization’s mobile application or provide MIRA as a stand-alone interface to your guests/clients.

Indicative business scenarios where MIRA can help:

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Watch MIRA in action here:

Demonstrates how a hospitality industry service provider can leverage AI to automate in-room services.

Cognitive In-room Assistant: Scenario 1

Cognitive In-room Assistant: Scenario 2

An example of how MIRA works:

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This is how MIRA understands customer context and makes things happen:

  • Integrated with customer insights platforms such as centralized repository that holds enriched customer profiles and interactions
  • Does smart analysis of interactions to derive customer likes/dislike, preferences etc.
  • Very deep integration with supporting applications such as reservation systems, PMS, restaurant management systems etc.
  • Uses convenient engagement channels such as voice based virtual assistance, gesture based virtual assistance or even a simple text based chatbot.
  • Leverages AI to cross-sell products/services than just their core offering.

With readily available cloud based AI products such as Google Home, Apple Home-Pod and, the formidable Amazon Echo, market is replete with options. . As these products can be easily configured as per business requirements, data storage becoming ever affordable than before and robust applications available to analyze big data, it is simpler for hospitality brand to adopt this technology to enhance guest experience. Be it a hotel chain, timeshare, museum or cruise line, there are enough use cases in each sector to deploy MIRA and delight guests.

Having known that there is enormous potential in applying AI across businesses, it is a right time for enterprises to re-think their strategies around automating the services by levering AI and take the personalization and customer satisfaction to the next level.

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