• Automate risk inspection and loss control processes

  • Get risk inspection on-the-go with real-time integration

  • Easily configure templates for various lines of business

  • Refine risk selection and underwriting efficiency while minimizing cost

  • Improve business performance and staff productivity

Reduce loss exposure with Mindtree’s Loss Control Platform

In today’s environment, no business is risk free. To build a sustainable business requires an effective protocol for controlling loss. Loss control minimizes the impact of losses on business, reduces the possibility losses will occur, and safeguards workers and the public. Our cloud-based Loss Control Platform offers an end-to-end solution for managing the processes involved in loss inspection and control. It provides a common base for seamless collaboration among risk managers, risk engineers, underwriters, claims handlers, customers and other stakeholders. It minimizes loss exposure by improving cycle time for risk inspection and standardizing loss control processes. Features include:

  • Flexible configuration for any line of business or type of industry
  • Business-defined templates and workflows
  • Automatic recommendations, alerts and reminders
  • Task and service level agreement tracking; real-time integration with source systems
  • Responsive design with common web-based access on mobile devices and tablets

Who benefits from a loss control solution?

  • Are you facing major insurance claims due to poor risk inspection?
  • Are you experiencing underwriting delays caused by longer risk inspection cycles?
  • Is your company planning to grow or offer risk inspection and risk consultation as a service?
  • Are you providing services to a loss-sensitive business on behalf of a partner that needs to scale?

A variety of businesses deal with loss control challenges. If you serve clients as an insurer, broker, managing general agent, risk inspection or advisory firm, or if you offer services associated with loss control, Mindtree can help you resolve problems related to managing risk. Our solution:

  • Makes site inspection hassle-free
  • Advances collaboration and process efficiency
  • Reduces exposure and operational cost
  • Refines risk selection and underwriting efficiency
  • Improves business performance and staff productivity