Mindtree’s response to COVID-19

Ensuring employee safety and business continuity with resilience, determination, and compassion

"Our top priorities are health and safety of employees and maintaining high levels of services to our clients." - Debashis Chatterjee, CEO and MD, Mindtree


"How we respond to challenges in crises is really a test of our character and who we really are." -  S N Subrahmanyan, Non-Executive Vice Chairman, Mindtree


L&T Supports India’s Fight Against COVID-19

L&T Supports India’s Fight Against COVID-19

Larsen & Toubro is committed to participate in corporate India’s response to COVID-19 through funds, community welfare plans and through leveraging its expertise to offer assistance.

AM Naik, Group Chairman, Larsen & Toubro, said: “L&T has always stood by the nation in its hour of need. We are helping India’s fight against COVID-19 by way of immediate funding, and through a range of welfare initiatives including converting our training schools into Isolation Centers."

Workplace of the Future

A glimpse of how Mindtree successfully handled the COVID-19 situation and switched over to remote working by employing a variety of different measures.

Although commentary on the future of work has been flagrant, very few large organizations were able to mobilize their remote working models at breakneck speed. Businesses that were successful in ensuring little to no disruption were armed with a host of technology tools that allowed for swathes of employees to work from home within hours. In this paper, we explain how Mindtree handled the COVID-19 situation to ensure the safety of its employees with no disruption to client deliverables and the technology that enabled it to move so quickly.

Workplace of the future

Reimagining Possibilities in the New Normal

Helping enterprises adapt to the new with resilience

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COVID-19: Mindtree Speaks

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Stay Mindful, Stay Safe

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