Selling and Serving

Selling and Serving

A majority of companies across the industries that serve individual consumers believe they are "pioneers" in adopting and investing in digital technology. With most companies in transformation mode, it seems clear there is finally agreement that an online presence should serve customers just as well as it sells to customers. That’s good news for today’s consumers, who expect their “ideal” mix of shopping to come in three years.

When a company can engage customers with the right information/offers, at the right time, on the right device, it enables seamless commerce while creating a community of advocates. To accomplish that, companies need to deliver personalization across the entire purchasing journey. Considering the abundance of digital data streams available to today’s businesses, and the analytical models capable of finely segmenting the customers within those data streams, personalization is no longer a "wishlist" item for modern businesses—it's an imperative.


Uncover top customer priorities.

Uncover top customer priorities

What features do consumers most want for their online shopping experience? What motivates consumers to post reviews (positive and negative) online? Where are companies investing in, and how does it compare to the wishlist of their customers? These and many more questions were answered in our large shopper survey of 6000 consumers worldwide, and 900 decision-makers across the U.S., Europe and APAC, from the retail, banking, media and travel industries.

  • personalized promotions

    Consumers say personalized promotions encourage them to buy products/services they’ve purchased before (78%) as well as relevant products/services they've never purchased (74%).

  • mobile app

    2X more consumers will be using a mobile app to make purchases in three years (from 6% in 2015, to 15% in 2018).

  • better search functions

    Nearly half of consumers want better search functions (45%) and ease of comparing products/services and pricing (48%).

  • reviews on sellers

    87% of consumers look at reviews on sellers’ websites, and 82% look at reviews on independent websites before committing to an online purchasing decision.

Personalization—Unlocking Growth

This study reveals some intriguing contrasts. Consumers purchase more thanks to personalization, but seem to underestimate its value. Retail and consumer goods companies recognize the importance of personalization, but their investments don’t reflect it. As a technology consulting firm with deep experience in the retail and consumer goods industry, Mindtree is well positioned to steer companies through initiatives that bring out the true value of personalized experiences for phy-gital consumers.