Customer and marketing analytics: Integrating multichannel data to gain actionable business insights for greater profitability

Integrating multichannel data to gain actionable business insights for greater profitability.

Business challenges

  • Who are my best and most profitable customers?
  • What drives channel migration?
  • Who is a potential customer for cross selling?
  • How do we target the right product to the right customer?
  • What are my customers talking about?
  • How can we determine the impact of cannibalization?

Customer and marketing analytics

Understanding consumers is the key to long term engagement, loyalty and profitability. The increasing number of channels that consumers can interact with makes available an explosion of data for deriving customer insights and effective marketing. The integration of this multichannel data has become increasingly complex, leaving many marketers overwhelmed and unable to derive meaningful insights.

Backed by experts in analytics, information management, business intelligence and research, Mindtree’s data and analytic solutions team excels at processing mass amounts of data to enable our customers gain business insights across the customer lifecycle. Starting from customer acquisition and going on to customer retention and engagement.

Our dedicated team help grow our customers’ analytical understanding of their consumers through a multi-stage engagement model, in whatever stage of analytical maturity they are in. We work with customers to create proof of concepts to help set the stage for basic data trends, KPI identification, data visualization, and dashboards. As strategic needs grow, we move into advanced analytics such as segmentation, modeling, and advanced data visualization. Our end goal is to create a strategic partnership with a dedicated analytics factory hosting our customers’ data and decision support processes as well as offering analytics on-demand.

Services Offerings

Customer and marketing analytics service offerings

Business benefits

  • Gain a complete 360 degree view of your consumers
  • Ensure the right message goes to the right consumer at the right time through the right channel
  • Increase consumer loyalty and engagement
  • Understand public sentiment and buzz about the brand and compare with competition
  • Find additional revenue streams through integration of existing data sources

Analytical roadmap to maturity

analytical roadmap

Success stories

Customer analytics for a leading car rental company

Business challenge

  • Inadequate ROI on marketing investments of online ads
  • Lack of clarity on customer interaction and transaction during their lifetime
  • Lack of 360 degree view of customers
  • Need to understand behavior of loyal and profitable customers
  • Need to retain profitable customers and win-back past customers
  • Integrated internal transactional data and third party attitudinal data to provide a 360 view of customers

Solution highlights

  • Integrated and mined multiple years of historical transactional data and online ad campaign data
  • Scored channels based on a performance index determined by new acquisitions, revenue and number of transactions
  • Augmented search engine optimization efforts by identifying essential location and behavior based keywords
  • Unearthed myths about customer channel preferences and helped formulate a customized marketing strategy around touch-points
  • Benchmarked customers based on key marketing metrics

Analytics factory for a leading global money transfer company

Business challenge

Need for deeper understanding of customers, accounts, products, origination and payout country and agent

Solution highlights

  • Analyzed 90 million customer profiles, USD1 billion in annual transactions
  • Monitored and analysed of country–to–country (230 countries); regional; and seasonal trends
  • Performed trend analysis, regression analysis and predictive modeling
  • Identified new product opportunities and new customer segmentation models
  • Better targeting of promotions led to increased sales

key technology platforms

We have dedicated Center of Excellences (CoEs) on key technology platforms including Business Objects, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft BI, Informatica, Microstrategy, SAS, MDM, Big Data and Opensource.