Digital commerce services

Macro-economic dynamics, consumer lifestyle changes, channel proliferation and hyper competitive environment are making it harder for enterprises to win and retain consumers. It is also difficult for them to consistently remain profitable.

The plethora of innovative channels has empowered today’s shoppers to access information and shop virtually from anywhere and at any time. Added to this, in the era of social media, consumers are far more interconnected with a multitude of support sources above and beyond the traditional blend of advertisements and email marketing to make informed decisions.

Innovation and advances in commerce technology provides enterprises opportunities to create and drive superior consumer centric experiences. This requires a deep understanding of the consumer, their behaviors, current marketplace dynamics and best practices for brands to differentiate and to thrive in a digital world.

Mindtree with its integrated set of services and solutions for Digital commerce enables enterprises to create personal, seamless and differentiated experiences to connect with their consumers.

digital commerce services

Value proposition

  • Service offerings and technology choices to suit commerce need and every stage of commerce transformation
  • Reusable solution accelerators, readiness frameworks, diagnostic and optimization tools
  • Functional expertise across commerce lifecycle including omni-channel commerce
  • Engagement expertise enabling commerce capabilities for leading online retailers in B2B and B2C space
  • Strategic partnership with leading commerce technology product vendors
  • Demonstrated technology expertise in leading commerce platforms

Success Stories

  • Enhanced customer buying experience on digital channels for a large home improvement retailer.
  • Improved customer experience, order management efficiency, resulting in increased online orders for a leading modern and contemporary art store.
  • Increasing online sales for a leading car rental agency and saved USD 7+ per reservation on digital channels.
  • Enabled key commerce capabilities like Bulk Edit and Realist (BEAR), return policy, best offer, safe payment methods, shipping profiles for a leading online auction portal.
  • Contract life cycle management system with complex pricing engine and entitlement structure for a leading global Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company
  • Enabled one of the largest industrial equipment distributors support more than 600,000 SKU’s and 6000 suppliers, on their e-commerce platform.