Get a bird's eye view of all your projects, at your fingertips.

The success of any enterprise depends on the success and efficiency of the projects being run by them. Executives, engagement managers and project managers across industries are constantly on the move and need up-to-date information about all their projects.

Since they face the daunting task of running profitable projects, while mitigating risks associated with them, it is imperative that they have access to information regarding project KPIs, trends and other project parameters at their fingertips. Alerts, whenever key project parameters cross acceptable thresholds, are essential, so that adequate action could be taken to bring them back under control. Mindtree’s mWorkspace application acts as a project dashboard, providing information on the general health indicator of projects and enabling managers to take corrective actions where necessary. Coupled with the ability to set alerts and reminders, mWorkspace helps managers to take informed decisions vis-à-vis the projects handled by them.

mWorkspace augments functionalities of CPM’s project workspace module and enables executives and managers to view KPIs, alerts and trends on the move. It presents them with all key project related information at their fingertips. It even draws attention to critical project events through alerts and trends. Additionally, managers can deep dive into project analytics with mWorkspace’s visual representations of data and trends, such as project costs, revenue, work in progress, project progress, aged debt and change requests.

Advantages of mWorkspace

mWorkspace presents project related information to managers enabling them to make key decisions and take prompt action to ensure smooth execution of the projects. Apart from enabling executives and managers to view KPIs, alerts and trends on the move, mWorkspace also provides elegant options to act on project alerts like contacting project team members, sending mails, keeping notes and reminders. With the help of charts and graphs, mWorkspace allows easy analysis of project data for multiple parameters.