Integrated customer insights

Customer centricity is the new voice for brands the world over. Every brand will have online and offline customers, depending on the touch points they wish to deal with. The real challenge in providing customer centricity to any enterprise is their success in distinguishing the data the customer generates at each of the touch points.

Using information available about a brand through various interactions with its customers, brands can identify the customer, their interest, buying behavior, current needs and influences. Marketers can use this invaluable information to project their brands elegantly to the customer, in a non-intrusive manner. If enterprises do not use data effectively, they stand to lose out to competitors who do.

Our Solution

Mindtree proposes the Integrated Customer Insights Platform, to draw attention, drive brands and customer insights. This is based on online and offline behavior along with purchase patterns of the customer. The platform integrates seamlessly with the enterprise traditional data, syndicated research data and data generated from social media. It provides a unified view of the customer. Advanced analytical techniques are used to optimize marketing spend based on customer behavior across the traditional and social channels. The platform enables the marketer to develop a persona of its customer and do business in a more perceptive manner.

Integrated Customer Insights Platform

integrated customer insights

Key features

  • Custom built advanced text mining (natural language processing)
  • Inbuilt analytical engine for actionable insights delivered enterprise-wide
  • Customer segmentation based on demographics, online behavior and buying patterns
  • Analytical techniques to improve targeting strategies within segments
  • Predictive modeling based on machine learning and logistic regression algorithms
  • Flexibility to integrate with multiple enterprise relevant channels
  • Dissemination of real-time alerts
  • NPS-based customer engagement and continuous improvement

For Further Information, contact
Sudhakar Shivashankar (Sudhakar_Shivashankar@mindtree.com)