Meaningful Insights, the first step to knowing your customers

The way large enterprise manage and engage with consumers is changing in the digital world. Consumer interactions are becoming increasingly social, mobile, personal, creative and collaborative. Customers are more discerning and impatient, but they can also be loyal and profitable.

Businesses that succeed in capitalizing on customer behavioral changes will be positioned to outperform their peers. Every consumer-facing organization must shift focus from operational customer management to strategic customer insights. It is important to deliver a personalized cross-channel experience with seamless integration across all touch points―including smart phones, social networking, web, kiosk and traditional channels like call centers, stores and branches.

Customer experience is directly connected to bottom-line results. The starting point is to study the most profitable customer segments and then determine the economics of promoters and detractors within those segments. Potential investments can then be proposed and evaluated to profitably improve the experience of these customer segments.

Industry Trends

Leading enterprises are responding to changing customer demands by adopting next-generation solutions centered on social network engagement, cross-channel orchestration, customer segmentation, real-time offers and loyalty programs.

The focus is on platforms that enable enterprises to transact, analyze transactions and foster collaboration between customers, employees and partners. There is a shift from ‘broad brush’ marketing to highly targeted marketing; The focus is on improving cross-channel interaction leveraging a wide range of Internet channels, introducing social media interaction and support for next-generation devices.

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Solution description

The Mindtree Customer Insights solution leverages cutting-edge trend analysis and integrates it with KPIs, dashboards, data models and analytical algorithms to help enterprises deliver the perfect experience across all customer touchpoints.

Mindtree’ solution delivers a consistent brand experience and enables enterprises to shift their viewpoint from operational customer management to strategic customer insights, thereby delivering a rich, personalized experience. The solution helps consumer-facing enterprises make the next move in analytics and customer insights. It takes marketing, loyalty, sales and customer-facing initiatives to the next level by leveraging all the interaction channels including smartphones, social networking, web, kiosk, and the more traditional channels like call centers, stores and branches.

The Mindtree Customer Insights solution leverages cutting-edge trend analysis and integrates it with KPIs,dashboards, data models and analytical algorithms built on the SAP HANA platform integrated with SAP Predictive Analytics and Lumira visualization suite.

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Mindtree's approach to customer insights delivers the sales and marketing results that companies need to thrive. Our framework covers six areas of insight:

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We further increase the value of our analysis through customer insights accelerators which comprise customer data set, next-generation analytics definition and implementation, a customer-centric dashboard, and a model for customer intelligence-based planning.

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Salient features

  • Enables enterprises to deliver a superior customer experience for higher perceived brand value and loyalty
  • Delivers a 360-degree customer view
  • Cross-channel process orchestration
  • Delivers enhanced support for self service reporting through advanced visualization
  • Enables multidimensional integration with social networks for higher customer engagement
  • Powerful segmentation functionality
  • Permits closed-loop analytics for marketing expenditure accountability
  • Enables solutions for specific loyalty and customer experience management (CEM) pain points
  • Pre-built accelerators for faster implementation and lower TCO