Mindtrees Advanced Analytics Solutions

We offer customized, cost effective solutions to help your businesses stay competitive.

Customer and market analytics

  • Customer engagement analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Churn analysis
  • Cross sell / up sell analysis
  • Product recommendation
  • Price sensitivity

Fraud analytics

  • Supplier fraud detection
  • Gaming fraud detection
  • Payment fraud detection

Social media and web analytics

  • Sentiment analytics
  • KOL / key word search analytics
  • Online campaign analysis
  • Coupon Redemption Analysis
  • A / B testing

advanced analytics solutions

Our key achievements

  • Provided fraud analytics for unique identification authority of India in biometric enrolment, which identified 3500 instances of fraud 1.5 million enrolments
  • Increased revenue by USD 18 million for one of the world’s leading CPG companies through the analytical cell (Analytics as a Service) operating for the last 18 months
  • Executed supply chain operation efficiency projects for one of the world’s leading CPG companies, helping the enterprise save huge costs
  • Optimized marketing budget and trade promotion for one of the world’s leading car rental companies, helping reveal their key revenue contributors, improve sales and learn how to allocate advertising budgets
  • Offered trade promotion analytics for a leading pet foods manufacturer which helped them identify their top promotions, the ROI from it and provide trade fund allocation solutions to maximize the ROI
  • Executed HR analytics for one of the world’s largest insurance companies in the areas of attrition, performance management, work force measurement and talent acquisition
  • Facilitated sentiment analytics for a leading mutual fund provider which gave feature-specific insights of their website that customers felt required improvement.