Mindtree's Murex service offerings.

The Murex Datamart, built on a strong foundation, often gets overloaded with inorganic, quick-fix reporting codes and backend tables. The fast-paced demands of reporting exerts a lot of pressure on the platform. Mindtree’s framework enables financial institutions to derive the best out of it. This ensures that performance levels do not decline, even after making it scalable for higher volumes.

Our offerings:

  • Consulting services for Datamart optimization
  • Comprehensive solutions for regulatory and compliance reports
  • Customized re-engineering packages for Murex Datamart

murex service offerings

Business As Usual (BAU) support

Mindtree provides comprehensive SLA-based, metrics-driven BAU support on Murex. We implement and deploy Murex in financial institutions. Mindtree offers the following BAU services:

  • Application support services
  • Environment support
  • Infrastructure support
  • Monitoring services

We provide BAU support to a host of customers, enriching them with over 35,000 person days of Murex expertise.

business as usual support

Murex version upgrades

Murex does frequent upgrades on the MxG200 version and Mindtree enables financial institutions to implement them. This continuously enhances the solution and reflects the latest business and technology trends.

Key advantages

Enables time and cost reduction by offering proprietary tools (automated testing suite and a report validation tool)

  • Provides hands-on experience in testing, defect tracking, defect resolution and root cause analysis
  • Offers excellent release notes, with explanations on post migration differeces due to version enhancements

murex version upgrades

Murex testing

Mindtree provides end-to-end testing services on the Murex platform. Our expertise has enabled us to build a variety of innovative tools, significantly reducing testing time. These include:

  • Test accelerators
  • Report validation tools
  • Automated testing framework and regression suite
  • Test suites

murex testing services

Success Stories

A leading investment bank in Australia

Mindtree helped the bank implement Murex, by developing interface messages between Murex and the proprietary middleware. These were passed on to the various downstream payment systems. This reduced STP time and de-risked payment processing, by eliminating manual intervention. We also facilitated upgradation to a higher version of MxG2000.

A major investment bank in Singapore

Mindtree enabled the bank optimize their Murex Datamart performance, configuration and payment reports generation. It facilitated downstream /upstream interface development, from several products. These services included interest rate derivatives, Forex and fixed income management. In addition, we provided BAU support to them.

An investment bank in Japan

Mindtree provides end-to-end BAU services to the bank. We offer overall production support, maintenance, enhancements and infrastructure support to their Murex system.

A leading financial services group in Asia

Mindtree provides complete application development and L1 support services on Murex, on a Managed Services model. The key areas comprise Murex integration, reporting services, workflows and market data maintenance. Other areas include Murex environment support and interfacing with other downstream systems.