Mobile Automation Framework (MAF).

Quick and reliable test automation

Today, there is a growing demand for mobile applications. New applications are being created to cater to various platforms. Hence, it becomes imperative to have a robust automation framework that can help automate applications on any platform.

Mindtree has created a robust MAF for applications specifically developed on Android and iOS.

We have leveraged our expertise on creating test automation frameworks and working on open source software to build MAF. It is an in-house hybrid automation framework which leverages on a variety of open source tools and utilities coupled with several reusable components.

MAF framework

The power of MAF is in increasing automation efficiency by minimizing initial coding effort.

Mobile Automation Framework

Key features

Highly effective in UI testing and testing of standard applications such as calling, messaging, Bluetooth, multimedia, browser, SMS, email, etc., that needs synchronization with other phones.

  • Robust and extensible framework to support test automation on diverse sets of native, web applications across different platforms (Android, iOS)
  • Supports Data Driven Testing (DDT) and reusable functions
  • Enables users to perform functional, acceptance and compatibility testing for most web applications
  • Reduces overall costs for customers as it is built on open source tools / libraries / frameworks
  • Works both on emulator / simulator and device
  • Multi-device testing - it can simultaneously test on two or more devices
  • Highly scalable
  • Demands less maintenance of test scripts
  • Increases test automation coverage and reduces testing costs
  • Allows selective test script execution
  • Contains flexible test suite / test case configuration, command line execution and out-of-the-box test case execution support
  • Supports execution of test scripts on the device without any connectivity to the machine
  • Offers user defined exception logging along with custom exceptions
  • Provides detailed reporting with screenshots, passed, failed, skipped, and error logs
  • Delivers higher ROI through automation
    • Higher productivity
    • Lower maintenance cost