Moving from testing applications to testing customer experiences

QA organizations must protect the entire customer experience

In today’s connected world, customer engagement channels, supply chain and touch points are unified. QA organizations must protect the entire customer experience in addition to ensuring high quality individual applications. Adopting an outside in approach helps achieve:

  • 100% business objectives validation
  • 100% live performance metrics for online channels
  • Up to 95% automation in testing portfolios
  • 100% in-sprint regression in Agile portfolios
  • RBT and catalog based models to reduce cycle times by up to 20%
  • Pay per defect pricing for >97% DRE

Test strategy

This new approach will bring tremendous improvements in quality, cost and agility. It enables QA to engage in defining enterprise portfolio strategy, in addition to engaging on QA activities.

Mindtree’s unique connected world testing approach

testing approach

  • Enterprise-wide QA strategyfocuses on unifying silos across business processes. This top-down approach aligns objectives to the goals that matter and thus increases agility and overall quality
  • Omni channel-oriented testingacross devices and touch-points leveraging digital centers of excellence with adaptive, demand-based mobile testing labs
  • Business process validationby deploying a test automation approach that brings business, development and QA teams together leveraging Business Driven Development (BDD)
  • Tool-driven, risk-based testingmechanism driven by analytics to reduce reliance on gut-feel, thus ensuring transparent and repeatable quantification of risk
  • 100% in-sprint regressionin Agile portfolios by retaining independent testing approach, yet maintaining high collaboration and trust among teams

Proven record | Global rightsourcing | Metrics-driven | Domain expertise

global rightsourcing

Success stories: Predictable quality through independent testing

  • Enabled mobile-first customer engagement across multiple countries and languages using crowdsource testing model for a global financial services firm.
  • Zero defects product released to production while reducing cycle time by 50% and effort by 30% through right automation strategy for a global leader in navigation systems.
  • Delivered global multi-year distributed agile program to a leading airlines player with teams located across three continents by enabling in-sprint regressions and unified test strategy
  • Reduced cycles by 50% through agile testing of global product management platform for a leading consumer apparel and sports brand.
  • 95% automation of key portfolio by integrating strategy, development and QA teams on a common testing model for a leading home improvement retailer.
  • 60% increase in performance for one of the largest stock exchanges through automated performance bottleneck analysis and server-side performance measurement.