mPromo: end-to-end trade promotion management

Today's fast paced business environment requires the sales team to have information at their fingertips, so they can make critical business decisions on-the-go. Mobilizing Trade Promotion Management (TPM) by allowing access to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems accelerates decision making, increases productivity and enhances customer service.

Business challenges

  • Promotion negotiations based on outdated or irrelevant data between the supplier sales team and retail outlet representatives
  • Inability to assess promotion performance, optimize and evaluate with what-if analysis
  • Difficulty in tracking promotion execution compliance at the store level
  • Offline compliance check and zero-in on pending promotions is error prone and inapt
  • No single platform available, to view the entire promotion event calendar across different stores or locations in the account portfolio

Our solution

mPromo is a SAP mobile platform based solution that empowers field personnel with tools to plan, execute and track trade promotion events effectively. The power of mobility enables instant decision making, which helps to plan and negotiate promotion events with customers. mPromo also executes a what-if analysis, tracking promotion compliance and sends feedback to management with access to SAP CRM.

This mobile application, with one view of the event calendar across different stores in the account portfolio, provides a one stop utility for account managers, field sales and retailers during promotion planning, analysis, formalization and finalization through compliance tracking. The inherent challenges in offline conversations and compliance tracking are overcome with this solution. Promotion event discussions will be more information backed with promotion portfolio analysis which can be performed with what-if.

A competitive edge

mPromo is a highly intuitive app, presenting the user with the necessary information to manage trade promotions. It offers:

  • A consistent and holistic view of executed, planned and on-going events, which helps to discuss and firm up promotions or planned promotions
  • An ability to modify events and view modified calendar
  • Visual depiction and analysis of promotion performance, with information and outcome-based discussions to finalize promotion events
  • Promotion portfolio analysis, by facilitating negotiation with reference to promotion performance, using a quick what-if analysis on modified promotions
  • Map-based search: Narrows down to required store in a particular location
  • The facility to capture promotion compliance feedback by field sales. This further helps to zero in on pending compliances
  • Data access control in the app, based on user mapping and roles

Industry recognition

mPromo won the first prize at the recently held SAP TechEd 2013 conference held in Las Vegas on 23, October 2013. Contesting under the ‘Retail Industry’, mPromo made it to the finals after being hand-picked by juries consisting of external specialists and SAP experts. mPromo also won first runners-up at SAP Mobile App Partners Program Contest 2012, felicitated at SAP TechEd 2012 held at Bangalore.