Performance Execution Framework (PEF)

Testing web applications for performance is fundamentally different and more complex than testing them for functional correctness. To carry out effective Performance Testing (PT) it is essential to choose the right tools at the right time. They are chosen in different phases of PT to perform activities Such as scripting, test execution, reporting and analysis. The Performance Execution Framework (PEF) is designed to boost the productivity of performance test teams. PEF extends the capabilities of JMeter, the widely used load generation tool. It enhances JMeter’s capabilities in the areas of distributed execution, monitoring remote systems and reporting.

Mindtree's performance execution framework

performance execution framework

Key features

Enable large scale load generation

PEF enables generation of large load using array of systems. PEF is highly scalable to meet requirement of large scale load generation

Cloud enabled:

PEF is cloud enabled. It can generate load from Windows Azure & Amazon EC2. It’s architecture allows it to use private cloud as well

System monitoring:

PEF can monitor Windows, Linux systems. Metrics collected through such monitoring is included in the comprehensive report created by PEF

Intelligent analysis:

Analytics module provides intelligent analysis like: threshold breach, patterns, co-relation between two metrics etc. This helps tester to identify the problem areas quickly

Comprehensive reporting:

A comprehensive report is created at the end of each test. This report provides details of business transaction, monitoring statistics, charts and graphs

Flexible licensing:

PEF is offered using flexible licensing in terms of duration, # of vUsers etc. It helps customers in increasing the ROI

Technologies supported:

HTTP / HTTPS, AJAX, SOAP, REST, LDAP J2EE, .NET, PHP, JavaScript, Sharepoint, SAP web app

Applications types:

Web Applications, Web Services and Client-Server applications

Key benefits

  • Zero investment in commercial load generation tool
  • Lower time and effort spent than when using open-source tools
  • Easy to share excel report for immediate feedback on application performance