SITEsMART - Connecting with the on-the-move consumer.

Industry challenges

  • How do I target multiple channels for my brand website and campaigns?
  • How do i derive efficiency from scale? Can I derive reuse accros brands while still preserving full creative freedom?
  • How can I do more with less?
  • How can I save creative effort on routine, repeated experiences and focus on messages?
  • How do I spend more on campaigns and less on maintenance?

How SITEsMART can help

Attract, acquire, engage

Mobile internet is growing rapidly thanks to widespread adoption of smartphones by users worldwide. Consumers now have the convenience to access and use the most relevant information they need any time and anywhere through their smartphones. Consumer product brands are fast adopting mobiles as a channel to attract, acquire and engage their target consumers.

M-Engage | M-Info | M-Product

About 70% of functionalities between brand site and campaigns are common.

  • 70% common, 30% brand specific
  • Pre-built, 30% brand specific


mobile framework

Flexible and extensible to provide unique brand experience

Templates provide flexibility to deliver unique brand experience. Features can be turned on/off and customized to provide the required experience.

mobility offering