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Assured 24/7 availability of the trading system, for one of the world's largest stock exchanges.

The stringent regulatory requirements in a fiercely competitive environment present tough challenges for capital market intermediaries. Stock exchanges need effective enterprise systems, real-time reporting capabilities and continuous availability of mission critical applications.

Our customer holds the distinction of being one of the largest stock exchanges in the world. The exchange provides investors a trading platform in the wholesale debt, capital, futures and options and the currency derivatives market. Currently, more than 10,000 users trade on their online trading application.

Here’s how Mindtree partnered with the customer in ensuring 24/7 availability of their mission critical trading application, by reducing the testing cycle significantly, through an effective testing solution.

The challenges

Minimizing downtime of the real time trading application was extremely critical for the customer. This needed flawless testing of the application. The customer needed the testing solution to have a minimum impact on the existing applications and new business requirements.

This required domain knowledge and a deep understanding of all the trading applications. The testing also had to conform to regulatory norms. Further, ensuring zero disruption for the end consumer was extremely important.

The solution needed to ensure that code changes made during the re-engineering phase did not affect business functionality, internal applications and other interfaces. Recovery and fault tolerance had to be tested thoroughly to ensure uptime of the system. With limited documentation, determining the scope and ensuring test coverage posed a challenge.

The solution

Mindtree devised a test strategy and provided a customized test solution for the stock exchange. We assumed complete ownership of different test methodologies such as database, GUI, usability, compatibility and interface testing.

A dedicated team of domain and testing experts collaborated with the customer to understand the business and end-user requirements. By employing a well-defined test methodology, Mindtree identified various types of testing required for the application. These included automation and performance testing.

Mindtree’s expertise ensured rigorous system testing that led to non-extensive UAT testing.

Business impact

  • Ensured no critical bug slipped in production
  • Assured 24/7 availability of the system
  • Reduced testing lifecycle and improved productivity through re-usable test cases

Customer testimonial

“The commitment and dedication displayed by Mindtree in all phases of the project is commendable. Our sincere appreciation to the team for their great role.”

- Assistant Vice President