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Developing mobile enablement for the sports retail industry.

Mindtree helped develop a Mobile Center of Excellence (MCoE), for a leading global apparel and sporting goods retailer.

Business challenge

The customer wanted a mobile enabled enterprise data for their employees to accelerate turnaround time and improve productivity. The attempts by various decentralized internal IT teams to mobilize existing web applications were not successful. The customer needed to evaluate the mobile readiness of their current IT landscape and devise strategies for future demand management.

Our solution

Mindtree partnered with the customer to develop a mobile app built using a cross platform technology. This enabled their employees to:

  • View and respond to internal blog posts
  • Deploy the app onto three mobile operating systems – iOS, Android and BlackBerry, with minimal customizations
  • Stay tuned to the internal announcements while on the go, increasing their productivity

We developed an iOS mobile app for our customer’s partners in business critical operations. The app’s offline capabilities allowed the business partner to:

  • Capture data sans Internet connectivity and synchronize the same to the backend systems
  • Avoid manual entry of date since the app interacts with multiple backend systems
  • Enable the stakeholders to take faster decisions as the information was made available to them in real-time

Mindtree helped evaluate a federation product enabling the customer to:

  • Manage end consumer authentication / authorization for consuming backend data
  • Develop a proof of concept to analyze the product fit with existing CRM systems
  • Empower their managers to improve management of customer expectations and devise marketing initiatives

We engaged with the customer’s innovation team to develop an event management mobile web app, with features such as event registration, event calendar, venue details and more.

Our approach / key objectives

Mindtree interacted with stakeholders to create a mobile application road map, focused on the proposed architectural changes. We engaged with the customer enabling them to:

  • Identify and develop a few quick win mobile apps
  • Analyze the responsiveness of their employees towards mobile enablement
  • Test the mobile readiness of the architectural changes being done
  • Understand the other areas of mobilization: app distribution, mobile data security, app lifecycle management, mobile device management and more

Mindtree further interacted with the customer in parallel streams of consulting and the mobile app development front. This addressed the following aspects of mobilization:

  • Technology governance and platform standards
  • Mobile device management and policy
  • App lifecycle management and sustenance
  • Mobile app security strategy
  • Mobile services supply management and stewardship

Business impact

  • Increased employee productivity and efficiency
  • Enhanced real-time collaboration, thus reducing the time to communicate
  • Solution architecture aligned towards unified platform and innovating support service setup reduced the total cost of ownership for the IT enterprise
  • Faster time to market with mobile service-line readiness
  • Cross-platform development approach reduced app development effort, platform migration and app maintenance cost