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Driving buyer engagement through an accelerated mobility solution for a consumer packaged goods giant.

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry has embraced mobile technology in its marketing efforts, recognizing a shift in the way consumers want to learn about products and services.

Here is how Mindtree helped one of the world's largest CPG enterprises rapidly and cost effectively develops a mobility solution to maximize buyer engagement.

The challenge

The customer was looking to strengthen its digital marketing program through mobility solutions that would help it connect with buyers. Specifically, they wanted a solution that could be adopted globally to reach consumers on mobile devices.

The solution needed to be rapidly operational, with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Other objectives included leveraging existing digital assets and ensuring high efficiency and flexibility for future marketing needs. To achieve this, the customer asked Mindtree to conceptualize a robust solution that could:

  • Keep pace with technology advances and leverage the latest platforms
  • Manage device fragmentation through broad optimization for 90% of available mobile devices
  • Conduct a process-driven implementation with strong quality assurance practices
  • Comply with privacy, accessibility, security and search engine optimization standards
  • Realize synergies across the value chain, including through integration with existing e-commerce, ratings and other digital capabilities

Our solution

Mindtree took a holistic approach and came up with a comprehensive list of features for the customer's mobile platform. We then identified user interface (UI) templates that would serve the needs of almost all the customer's brands. Since the targeted solution was a combination of multiple predefined features sets, Mindtree created a template comprising re-usable components. This was used to build individual mobile sites and helped to launch the program in a very short timeframe, at low cost. Highlights of the solution included:

  • Standardized list of features
  • Enhanced productivity with reusable components
  • Processes and technology chosen to comply with highly challenging execution timelines and cost expectations
  • High-performance test strategy to ensure sites were optimized for a wide range of devices
  • Rapid scale up and scale down of the team based on customer needs

Business impact

  • Enabled rollout of 25+ mobile sites in three months
  • Delivered 40% cost reduction amounting to approximately USD 600,000
  • Delivered 35% to 40% reduction in mobile site development timelines
  • Helped increase brand awareness through the mobile channel.