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Effective training of registrars and enrollment agency personnel for Government of India's unique identification project.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), established by the Government of India, is mandated to issue a unique identification number (called Aadhaar or UID) with associated biometric data to all residents to allow them to identify themselves anywhere in India, and to access a host of benefits and services.

Here is how Mindtree helped the UIDAI equip registrars and enrollment agency personnel with the skills to effectively deploy the Aadhaar client application in the field.

The challenge

The customer needed to train registrars and enrollment agency staff on the installation, usage and troubleshooting of the client application for effective deployment across India.

To manage this process effectively, UIDAI approached Mindtree to form an on-boarding team. The objective was to enable registrars and enrolment agencies to deploy the Aadhaar client application in the field to effectively enroll residents in the program.

This involved the following challenges:

  • To reach out to more than 65 registrars and 200 enrolment agencies across India to train them to use the Aadhaar client and portal features
  • To work successfully in a multi-agency environment (with public- and private-sector stakeholders) to facilitate enrollment
  • To solve on-ground issues related to enrollment such as transliteration, pre-enrollment activities, connectivity and data backup

Our solution

Mindtree collaborated with UIDAI to draw a roadmap for the successful implementation of Aadhaar across various states in India. Based on business objectives, the training team helped build capabilities for field personnel through content development, training and documentation.

The team:

  • Conducted approximately 60 in-person trainings using audio-visual aids
  • Trained more than 150 enrollment agency engineers and equipped them to carry out enrollment
  • Reduced the learning gaps of registrars and enrollment agencies by 20% with an effective feedback mechanism
  • Conducted Aadhar client and portal feature demonstrations in approximately 50 locations across India
  • Intermittent client patch releases rollout by Tech Center were notified first and thereby reduced the learning gap by 90%
  • Reduced the Aadhaar client downtime by up to 20% by clarifying field issues immediately
  • Notified UIDAI stakeholders in a timely way of technical and policy-related concerns expressed by registrars and enrollment agencies
  • Participated in weekly video conferencing with all regional offices, enrollment agencies and technical support personnel
  • Coordinated with registrars to ‘test decrypt’ registrar packets when required
  • Reviewed training manuals relating to registrar integration and operators on a regular basis

Business impact

  • Supported the customer by serving as a single point of contact (SPOC) for on boarding of new registrars and enrollment agencies
  • Enabled registrars and enrollment agencies to be on boarded in five working days
  • Increased the operational efficiency of field engineers
  • Reduced residents' enrollment waiting period by 70%
  • Deliver rapid feedback to UIDAI stakeholders