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Global alternative asset manager runs high-performance IT infrastructure through comprehensive partnership with Mindtree

Delivered 15% annual contract savings through continual improvement of the IT environment, proactive operational oversight and optimized technology management. Welcome to possible.


A global alternative asset management firm which invests in corporate private equity, global markets, real estate, infrastructure, energy and other alternative assets.


To align IT with business strategies, manage multiple vendor relationships and hold down operations costs.


In 2009, the client partnered with Mindtree on a transformative strategy for managed services. After stabilizing the IT environment, the partners optimized the clients IT assets, resulting in leaner and more efficient operations. Also, a common IT governance platform supported the two acquisitions of the client. Mindtree pursues continuous improvement to deliver year-over-year cost savings to the client, which reciprocates by expanding the relationship to include new services.

The partnership continues to deliver double-digit cost savings for the client, and year-over-year improvements demonstrate Mindtree’s capabilities as a unique and innovative partner for managed services.