Next generation KM: Insights and practice for resilient organisations.

What new roles does the CKO of the 21st century need to take on? What does the traditional CKO need to master to take KM to the next levels in this century? How can qualities such as resilience, adaptability and innovation be blended along with productivity and operational excellence? A certain amount of ‘messiness’ and unpredictably will have to be tolerated as part of 21st century KM. How will the CKO define and promote this balance?

This thought post is written by Krishnan – GM and Head of Culture and Competence and Knowledge Management in Mindtree and was published as chapter in ARK Group’s report on “Next Generation KM: Insights and Practice for Resilient Organizations.” This chapter will also provide real life examples based on companies such as MAKE award winner Mindtree, and useful tips and checklists for KM practitioners and leaders to follow. Upcoming challenges and roadblocks are identified, which knowledge leaders need to prepare for.