Cross organization benefits of using Gladius Connected Buildings


Real world of GCB

I already have BAS systems that are working perfectly BAS systems is adequate for day- to-day reactive management. The facility manager however has to cater to new challenges of user comfort or cost pressures. GCB, an IoT based platform understands these challenges and integrates OT and IT worlds. The result is a predictive system enabling today’s facility manager to realize his goals not just across a single building but even for geographically disbursed buildings.
I have to rip all my old equipment / need to have equipment’s from the same vendor GCB as a platform works as a smart IoT layer to existing systems, this means that one can use the existing infrastructure to create a smart connected building solution. It uses standard protocols to work with existing infrastructure & integrate with multiple vendors, systems or point solutions seamlessly.
Difficult to prove ROI. It takes a long time to show results GCB impacts many areas of your facility management such as asset life, energy efficiency or sustainability. These results will be both tangible and intangible benefits in the short,
long or mid-term range.

While rule based conditions that prevent assets from running 24x7 can show immediate and tangible impacts. Innovations to improve aspects user comfort improve the brand image of the company which is an intangible benefit
Building IOT seems expensive. Suppose I wait for technology to get cheaper Waiting for the right price always seems a good choice, especially for technology. Ideally, the focus must be on the goals that need to be achieved. If, for example, you are plagued by fluctuating energy bills or frequent user complaints due to a inflexible manual system which cant raise tickets automatically then you would be incurring opportunity costs. GCB, by the virtue of being digital platform is relatively faster to implement and helps you offset any cost savings you get after waiting. If you consider, slashed prices of Sensors, connectivity and storage due to technology advancements and pay as you use SAAS models, Gladius IOT wont seem like a big bang investment. The required investment is a function of the state of your existing infrastructure
Is this not for new buildings that involves solar energy, water recycling? GCB is a digital platform and can be implemented on any old or new building to supplement existing infrastructure. While, planning an infrastructure from scratch seems more holistic, efficient energy management, increased asset life and being sensitive to water consumption contributes to sustainability for cleaner green earth even for older buildings. Real benefits however are derived we work on heterogeneous buildings
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