Intelligent Video Surveillance

Intelligent, cost-effective protection for employees and assets

Businesses of all types use video surveillance to secure their facilities. They protect employees and assets from malicious activity. With the emergence of digital video, IP cameras and network video recorders, companies can deliver surveillance through the Internet to reduce costs and enable greater sophistication. But these systems produce huge amounts of data that are difficult to manage and significantly increase data center costs. To reduce total cost of ownership, simplify management and gain more effective security, companies need help from proven IT expertise in integrating unified, reliable digital security systems.

At Mindtree, our experts work with organizations around the world to deliver cost-effective, intelligent digital video surveillance solution systems. We offer recording and analytics solutions that are integrated, highly scalable, distributed and standards-based. OEMs, system integrators and distributors can improve existing solution portfolios and take Mindtree’s solution to market under their own brand. Our digital video surveillance offerings license independently or as a complete solution, giving you the flexibility to improve your security surveillance solution to fit your requirements.

Our Digital Video Surveillance solution enables intelligent, cost-effective protection through:

  • Gladius Video Management Software provides comprehensive, enterprise grade, open platform video management for IP surveillance installations.
  • Gladius Central offers central management, monitoring and recording (optional) for all cameras in your distributed surveillance installations.
  • Gladius Cloud provides cloud based recording and management of distributed sites without a need to change the existing cameras and DVRs.
  • Gladius Video Analytics Software includes a collection of patent pending video based analytics algorithms to help analyze security scenarios and generate alerts.

From automating the ticket generation from traffic police video surveillance, to securing a global manufacturing facility, Mindtree has the tools and expertise to deliver advanced digital video surveillance for your organization.

intelligent video surveillance

Product Offerings:

Gladius Video Management Software

Gladius is an enterprise video management software that provides plug-n-play support for a wide range of industry-leading IP cameras and encoders. It uses High Performance Analytics to help organizations protect their assets and reduce pilferage. With its high reliability and scalability, Gladius addresses the current and future security challenges of organizations in many industries of different sizes with diverse surveillance needs.

Gladius VMS is available as two variants ― Gladius Lite and Gladius Pro (Professional), to suit the requirement of the installation. Gladius Lite is a free/trial version with basic features, with a paid upgrade to Gladius Pro having advanced features. The Lite version supports upto 50 cameras and single server while the Pro version supports unlimited cameras with multiple servers.

Gladius Central Management Software

The global nature of enterprises poses unique challenges for security and surveillance providers. They need to manage and monitor the remote sites from a central location and view live or recorded videos.

Mindtree’s rich portfolio of surveillance solutions offers Gladius Central Management Software (CMS) to meet the video surveillance needs of enterprises distributed across several locations.

Gladius CMS edition helps to manage distributed enterprise surveillance installations that are diverse right from DVR, NVR to different VMS’es. It offers a unified management interface that enables management of the overall security system, irrespective of the size or location.

Some of the advantages that Gladius CMS provides are:

  • Support for heterogeneous infrastructure: Gladius CMS can manage, monitor and control any of the following surveillance solution installed at remote offices.
    • Gladius VMS with any ONVIF IP cameras
    • DVR* with Analog Cameras
    • NVR* with IP Cameras
    • Axis cameras running with Gladius Edge
  • Central monitoring: Gladius CMS supports On-demand live view and recording of videos from any location with different matrix grids and sequences. Each location can be monitored and managed locally as well as centrally.
  • Health monitoring of devices: Gladius CMS provides automatic status monitoring of connected devices and critical services daily.
  • Integrated map: For growing organizations that need situational awareness and immediate response to alarms, Gladius CMS offers maps integrated with different site locations.
  • High reliability: Gladius CMS provides high system availability for high-security installations that includes Failover recording and management servers to ensure that alarm video recordings are never interrupted and access to the CMS is always maintained.

[*Supported DVR/NVR makes include HikVision, Dahua, CPPlus, Tyco, Zicom, AnnexSecure)]

Gladius Cloud: Cloud-based recording and Management

Gladius Cloud is Mindtree’s Enterprise Cloud-based Video Management and Analytics Platform. It provides cloud based recording and management of distributed sites without a need to change the existing cameras and DVRs. Its advanced video analytics capabilities generate real-time alerts for proactive monitoring and help reduce manpower requirements.

With its high reliability and scalability, Gladius addresses the current and future security challenges of organizations of different sizes with diverse surveillance needs.

  • Cloud-based backup: Ideal for growing businesses, the cloud provides an affordable and safe way to back up surveillance videos. Instead of incurring capital expenditure with an on-premises server, using the cloud to backup data costs much less and provides the flexibility to easily scale storage capacity up or down according to your business needs.
  • Anytime, anywhere access: With videos stored in the cloud, you can access them from any building in any location. It is even possible to integrate all the cameras and recorders with the software, and each one of them can be monitored from any location.
  • Bandwidth-aware system: Gladius Cloud-based solution runs the video storage and restoration in a low bandwidth mode, which relieves the owners from investing in high-speed Internet connections.
  • Support for legacy infrastructure: There is no dependency on make or model of cameras or recorders and Gladius cloud seamlessly integrates all installed devices. It enables monitoring the condition of those devices whether they are functional or not, through one simple user interface.
  • Business intelligence: Gladius Cloud-based solution have the intelligence to facilitate monitoring events of interest. For example, there is an option to record the videos just before an object goes missing, with an alert sent to the owner to help him track the missing object.

Gladius Video Analytics Software

Surveillance technology has transitioned from being standalone to completely networked solution. The conventional systems with pure recording and monitoring require huge manpower to monitor and analyze all video feeds in real time. With growing camera counts, human operators can’t possibly detect every events as and when they occur. Video and Audio analytics provide real time insights, with automatic event and alarm notifications.

Mindtree’s Video Analytics Software is a collection of custom built video based analytics algorithms that helps enterprises analyze the video frames and detect human intervention and behavior. The unique algorithms help reduce complexity without sacrificing accuracy and are run at near real time performance.

The key features of the software are:

  • Efficient usage of processor power and memory
  • Widely deployed at safety critical installations such as Oil refineries, Power Plants, Government installations
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Minimum calibration and training needed
  • Integrated with Gladius Video Management Software Pro Edition
  • Works with 4500+ ONVIF compliant IP cameras
  • Available for both Edge and Server architectures

Technology Partners

Companies that are a part of our technology partners:

indigo vision
lenovo emc
windows server

Gladius Industry Specific Solutions

Gladius Video Surveillance solutions are appropriate for various industries, whether they are monitoring small, confined spaces like ATMs or handling large-scale city surveillance. Gladius can proactively trigger intrusion alerts at sensitive locations or alerts for smoke or fire at an offshore oil rig.

Each industry has its own characteristics when it comes to:

  • Layout of the location
  • Number of cameras
  • Geographic distribution of property
  • Nature and volume of movement
  • Working hours

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