Mainframe Services

Run, Rationalize and Modernize (RRM) your IBM Mainframe and Microfocus COBOL Applications with confidence

IBM Mainframe applications continue to be at the heart of most of the large global enterprises. As most enterprises are aware, mainframe application portfolio can present their own unique set of challenges, some of which include degraded structure and code quality, outdated documentation, depletion of SME pool, technology proliferation and obsolescence, and in-adequate integration with modern channels.

At Mindtree, we have a dedicated Mainframe Center of Excellence (CoE) focusing on technology research, training, innovation and development of productivity and solution accelerators. We have our own in-house mainframe platform to support various CoE initiatives. Our core platform expertise include IBM zSeries, zLinux and Microfocus COBOL products on Linux and Windows.

Mindtree offers solutions and services to address customer challenges around Run the business, Rationalize Technology Complexity and Modernize Applications for seamless Integration and Reuse with modern platforms and user channels.