AS/400 Center of Excellence

AS/400 Center of Excellence

Mindtree is committed to AS/400 technologies and has a clear roadmap for building unique capabilities for assuring top-quality, cost-effective services to address current and future business challenges from customer. To support this, Mindtree has created a Centre of Excellence called ‘iLab’ with dedicated AS/400 Servers, Technical architects & required software licenses. The primary focus of CoE is to

  • Support fast-turnaround PoC, Research & development
  • Develop tools and solution accelerators / frameworks
  • Comprehensive training for talent nurture and retention
  • Solution experts who work closely with Project Team
  • Build & Re-use Technology repository
  • Advanced Technical training to fulfill the skill need and gap
  • Harvest project knowledge
  • Drive continuous improvements
  • Drive Solution ideation and knowledge sharing through iSeries community

Midrange Services COE

Our Midrange technology practice is committed to building competency on Industry Standard Tools as well as developing in-house tools. Over the years, our iLab has developed suite of in-house tools to accelerate the service delivery. We believe that usage of re-usable tools allows for greater efficiencies during development and provides consistency in the output.

Please find below the details of our tool repository:

Analysis and reporting toolsX-Analysis from Databorough, Relativity Modernization workbench(RMW)
Project Life Cycle ToolsMindtree Tool – Code Review Tool, Spool Browser, Project Kit, IFS Clean up, X-Ref, DBFile explorer, Re-usable Knowledge Repository
Third-Party Tool - RDi as IDE, Rational Testing tool, Hawkey, CM Tools, Rational Function Tester
Database Migration ToolsMindtree’s Data Migration tool, Informatica
Language Conversion ToolsX2E-Migrate, EGL from IBM
Integration / SOA toolsRDi for SOA (from IBM), SOArchitect from Looksoftware, Mindtree Integration Framework
Modernization ToolsLANSA Suite, Looksoftware solution, RPG-XML Wizard, Toolbox from IBM
X2E-Migrate from Databorough
IBM Products: Host access Transformation services (HATS)