Cloud Native

Enhance Innovation, Accelerate Time to Market

Going cloud native provides the agility, continuous delivery and rapid time to market companies need to stay ahead of competitors. But implementing a cloud native solution can be a complex and time-consuming undertaking without an experienced partner. It requires strong understanding of today’s workforce and partner to deliver insights from data at speed, build fault-tolerant systems and create architectures to drive innovation.

Mindtree’s resilient, scalable cloud native services enhance productivity, inclusivity and innovation for workforce and partners while improving business processes with minimal overhead costs and manual efforts. Our services also support continuous and complex business needs at scale, while reducing management costs with self-service and on-demand provisioning.

Mindtree Cloud Native Services include:

  • Enterprise collaboration
  • Continuously available business platforms
  • Multi-cloud serverless architecture
  • SaaS implementation and integration

Mindtree delivers cloud-native solution for airport products provider

A leading provider of airport products wanted to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs through remote management of airport infrastructure like printers, scanners, boarding gates and other devices/systems. Mindtree defined an Azure-based solution built on serverless computing using services like IoT Hub, Azure ML, UWP, App Service, Application and Operational insights. The Mindtree solution enabled quick time to market, architecture validation and approval from all stakeholders.

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