B2B Customer Success

Enhance customer lifetime value

More and more B2B companies are switching to a subscription service model, where customer value is realized over time instead of at the initial sale. This means that the duration of customer relationships will have an increasingly greater impact on organizations’ financial health.

To succeed in this new economy, businesses must actively manage customer engagement and personalize experiences throughout their life instead of only focusing on making the sale. Companies that can adapt will be able to reduce churn, increase revenue, and influence new sales.

This shift has redefined goals for account management, sales, support and engineering.

If your business is going to be successful with a software as a service (SaaS) model, you must shift your focus from acquiring new customers to retaining, nurturing, and growing existing customers. This means you need to not only understand customer requirements, but also evolve your offerings based on data-driven analytics, extend customer lifetime with tailored offers, retain high churn risk customers, and resolve customer issues efficiently through their preferred medium.

You need to invest in customer success.

Our Approach

Mindtree’s customer success solution helps companies deliver exceptional experiences across all customer touch points. It integrates machine learning and AI to help make customer engagement predictable and proactive instead of reactive.

Our goal is to help your business retain and grow your existing customer base by relentlessly monitoring engagement and health. We focus on helping you drive more customer lifetime value and identify high-quality leads to boost your conversions.

Our solution covers the entire customer lifecycle, influencing the early stages and impacting the later stage

influencing the early stages and impacting the later stages

Figure 2

Why Mindtree?

Mindtree allows you to get started quickly and confidently on your customer success journey. Some key enablers that help us set your business up for customer success include:

  • Values: Our collaborative spirit, unrelenting dedication, and expert thinking help us see possibilities.
  • Expertise: Our deep understanding of technology and industry specifics help us create relevant solutions.
  • Innovation: Flexible delivery models, agile approaches and expert frameworks help our clients thrive.
  • Data hub approach: Our method allows data sources to be easily integrated so you get actionable insights.
  • Decision platform: Preset machine learning algorithms, business applications and data sets speed results

Success Stories – a snapshot

  • Revamped the customer support ecosystem and helped reduce issue resolution time by 25% for a leading gaming company
  • Reduced customer churn by 15–20% and boosted cross-sell/upsell by 60% for a leading enterprise independent software provider
  • Enhanced customer experience by prioritizing service tickets and forecasting service tickets in different geographies for a multinational communications and IT company

Our experience of working with many leading B2B, including SaaS, companies positions us to be a valued partner to help streamline customer success efforts for an experienced practitioner or get a company started on the right foot if they are considering building a customer success program.

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