B2B Customer Success

Enhance customer life time value in the new SaaS environment

Given the changing business models, B2B organizations know that Customer Success is critical to extending customer lifetime value (LTV). It also reduces churn and promotes new customer acquisition. B2B organizations like Datacom companies, ISVs, smart device manufacturers and network equipment providers have therefore begun to invest in Customer Success.

Revenues are being driven by subscription models rather than license fees. So, customer delight has become reliant on predicting and resolving customer issues. Sustainability has become a factor of rapidly anticipating customer needs and adding new product features. And business growth requires exceptionally sharp cross sell and upsell capabilities. At Mindtree we draw upon data, analytics and customer models to resolve these challenges. Using these, our B2B Customer Success solutions bring a holistic approach to revitalizing LTV and NPS.

Getting started with an advantage

Mindtree provides clients the ability to get started quickly and confidently on their Customer Success journey with:

  • 100 data sets to combine with other data
  • Data ingestion starter templates
  • Customer 360 view
  • Cloud optimized data lakes
  • Modeling sandbox for rapid exploratory data analysis
  • 35 pre-built big data program components
  • 20 machine-learning algorithms
  • 25 vertical-specific business apps

These are the key building blocks for Customer Success. They have helped our clients manage and process data, generate an integrated customer view, provide Next Best Actions and deliver self service solutions that are at the core of winning the battle for Customer Success.

Benefits unlocked by Mindtree’s B2B Customer Success solutions

  • Reduced customer churn by 15-20% and enabled cross-sell/ upsell increase by 60% for a leading ISV
  • Increased First Call Resolution rate by 25%, reduced issue resolution time by 25% and reduced queries requiring agent support by 25% for a leading gaming company


B2B Customer Success Solutions

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