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Customer experience is a key brand differentiator - Conversational channels are forever changing the way consumers and brands communicate. Mastering this medium will be the next digital battleground for brands.

With customer experience overtaking price and product as the “key brand differentiator”, conversations have become the most preferred channel of customer engagement. Enhancing customer experience by harnessing conversational AI has become paramount.

Combination of cognitive services, natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), speech recognition, natural language understanding (NLU), and other technologies help build meaningful and contextual conversations, which in turn enhance user experience and enable faster turnarounds.

Benefits of Conversational AI

Mindtree offers conversational AI services for the following

Customer Engagement

Brand & Marketing | Commerce | Customer Service

Customer Engagement

Mindtree’s customer engagement conversational AI solutions address queries across all touch points for consumers to engage and have a seamless experience - pre-purchase, in-purchase and post-purchase.

Enterprise Enablement

IT Service Desk | HR Desk | Travel Desk

Enterprise Enablement

Mindtree’s enterprise enablement conversational AI solutions usher process efficiencies and faster turnarounds across operational activities, resulting in significant cost reduction and increase in bandwidth availability

Mindtree's Conversational AI Capabilities


Customer Engagements

Omni channel experience - Text/Voice/IVR/SMS/Email and more

Transactions implemented per annum by conversational bots

Mindtree’s Platform Capabilities

Mindtree has experience in working with industry leading platforms like MS Bot framework, Dialogflow, Alexa and other platforms like Amelia, LivePerson. Many of our conversational AI implementations have integration with various enterprise systems like Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Workday, Service Now, Salesforce, Oracle, and Pega.

Mindtree’s Accelerators

  • MindFlow – MindFlow is a comprehensive platform built on MS Bot framework that helps organizations to build, customize and orchestrate conversational applications at scale and provides Intuitive interface to optimize customer experience across channels and devices
  • VAK Framework - It helps convert to NLP model across various platforms including Google Dialog Flow, Microsoft Luis and Amazon Alexa

Conversational AI use cases

At Mindtree, we make conversational AI address the various personas in different channels through advanced technology under hood. By leveraging our integration capabilities, we provide seamless brand-consumer interaction over asynchronous channels like WhatsApp and Apple business chat by enabling conversational AI to work along with live agents.

A single view of Conversational AI

A single view of Conversational AI

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