Customer Onboarding - Cloud

Orchestrating the Cloud Provider ecosystem across Public, Private, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Enterprise Customers are facing increasing pressure to accelerate cloud adoption or risk failing. In most cases, Multi-cloud/Hybrid Cloud solutions end up being the preferred solution. As a result, the demand for orchestration of the offerings and activities of all players in the Cloud Provider ecosystem (be it Cloud platform vendors, Service providers, Tools vendors or Integrators) is increasing.

In today’s cloud Enterprise, the need is for a layer to deliver on migration, operations, network, security, monitoring and orchestration needs across public and private cloud infrastructures with sufficient centralized automation, control and ease of use. In addition, the domain needs of various industries result in nuanced compliance approaches and diverse needs & technology eco systems.

Given this scenario, Cloud Providers partner with Cloud Orchestrators such as Mindtree, to create an eco-system that supports global delivery and diverse needs & technology skill requirements.

Given its success in managing the underlying platform and operations for one of the largest public cloud providers and also supporting a number of cloud programs for clients across multiple industries, Mindtree is truly a Cloud-native and Cloud - agnostic vendor. We support businesses in their endeavor of Cloud transformation through IaaSification, PaaSification and SaaSification. We partner with Cloud Providers to deliver suitable, affordable and predictable rapid cloud transformation to enhance customer experience on Cloud.

Our experience and expertise makes us the partner of choice for multiple Cloud Providers who are looking for:

1. Rich Technology expertise with experience of delivering on ground
  • Private Cloud setup, orchestration and migration, expertise including VMware, Azure stack, HCI
  • Public Cloud - assessment, design, build, migration and Governance & Management
  • Experience across verticals such as BFSI, RCM, TTH and Hi-Tech
  • Hybrid & Multi Cloud Orchestration; Automation, CI-CD, DevOps
  • Skilled and certified Cloud workforce in thousands
2. Willingness to co-invest
  • strategic partner throughout deal lifecycle and joint bids
  • build multi-skilled teams
  • Out of box proprietary enablers – CAPE, D-Engine, MWatch
  • Digital Pumpkin, an innovation sandbox
3. Non-competing partner
  • Complementary service offerings
  • Right shoring to offer competitive commercial model
  • Symbiotic modus operandi

Success Stories – A Snapshot

Leveraging our expertise and knowledge, we have delivered cloud transformations with outstanding results:

  • Successful Cloud advisory programs across multiple customers, with roadmaps to Cloud adoption, highlighting ROI benefits, indicative TCO, Reference Architecture, Maturity Roadmap, Operations and Organization.
  • Customers realized multi-fold benefits such as cost reduction in magnitude of 30%+, gaining advantage on competition by innovating through cloud eco system, improving customer experience, using Cloud for BCP/DR thus reducing risk to business, improving performance by re-architecting, reengineering entire solution.
  • Managed multiple customers on Cloud under shared and dedicated models through advance platforms that minimise business downtime, improve response time up to 80%, while providing savings of up to 30% on operational costs

Why Mindtree?

4,000+ global cloud engagements have been managed by a team of 1,500 certified cloud specialists. They combine their expertise with our tools and capabilities such as:

  • A library of 100+ templates enabling faster time to market
  • 35 strategic industry partnerships
  • Complementary services around DevOps., Testing, BI and analytics
  • Guaranteed service availability to match business KPIs
  • Deep expertise in delivering solutions on various flavours of Private and Public Cloud
  • In-house commercial platforms which can be easily integrated
    o CAPE and D-Engine
    o Cloud management platforms
    o Assessment and migration factory

Industry Recognition

Our expertise has resulted in global awards and recogni- tions such as the Microsoft Azure Innovation Partner (2016) and the ‘Rising Star’ in Public Cloud consulting, implementation and managed services by ISG Provider LensTM (December 2017).

Our Approach

Three Phase, Seven Step approach for cloud transformation and optimization (see figure).

  • The Assess & Plan Phase to determine suitable cloud types, categorize applications for migration, shortlist providers, determine financial viability and predict costs
  • The Build & Migrate Phase to accelerate the path to cloud-based metered billing so that benefits can be realized early using identity and access management, BCP/ DR design and implementation, enterprise cloud integration, etc.
  • The Govern & Manage Phase to address vulnerabilities & threats, data loss, avoidable downtime, compliance management, spend control and continuous improvement

Seven Stages to Win in the Digital Age with Cloud

A holistic approach from advisory to operations to transform your business and drive innovation and efficiency

Customer Onboarding – Cloud

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