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In this age of continuous connections, Contextual and Immersive Experiences driven by Personalization and Intelligent Operations are unlocking new possibilities for businesses. Disruptive Artificial Intelligence technologies and applications such as Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing-driven Conversational Apps, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Autonomous Computing and IoT are enabling enterprises to create contextual and continuous connections with their customers.

At Mindtree, we believe collaborative and continuous intelligence is key to making AI pervasive across enterprises, and helping them unlock new possibilities for competitive differentiation. Collaborative intelligence provides the ideal balance between human and machine intelligence through continuous application and feedback loops. Trust, privacy and governance are our core guiding principles for enabling the data strategy and systems to make AI pervasive.

We are building cognitive businesses for our customers with three core tenets - Cognitive Experiences, AI-powered Operations and flexible Data Infrastructures.

Build a Cognitive Business with AI-powered Experiences and Operations

Mindtree’s AI readiness research shows that enterprises are focusing their AI efforts on use cases in sales (35%), marketing (32%), and operations (48%) areas. Using AI, we help enterprises deliver cognitive experiences using customer, marketing and augmented analytics with Conversational and Immersive platforms, while we drive the transformation of their business processes and operations by making them intelligent and autonomous.

Cognitive Experiences

Cognitive Experiences

Personalized | Immersive

Customer Intelligence

Intelligent Marketing Analytics

Conversational AI

Augmented Analytics (Next-Gen BI)

Immersive Platforms

AI-powered Operations

AI-powered Operations

Optimized | Innovative

AI-led Marketing Operations

Intelligent Sales Operations

Cognitive Contact Centers

Intelligent Digital Commerce

AI-enabled Cloud Operations

Mindtree Data Science and Engineering Services

We deliver cognitive experiences and AI-powered operations through collaborative and continuous intelligence by leveraging our Data Science and Engineering services across advisory, realization and value creation

  • Advisory services – Envision and create the road map for an AI-enabled future using a design thinking and value-led experimentation approach
  • Realization services – Build the underlying data fabric and AI platforms for green-field applications and legacy modernization with foundations of trust and privacy
  • Value creation services – Create continuous value by closing the feedback loop and optimizing managed services and operations

Mindtree recognized as an Innovator in Avasant’s Applied Intelligence and Advanced Analytics Services RadarView™ Report

Success Story

Artificial Intelligence-based Facial Recognition

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Making AI pervasive to deliver personalized sales assortment recommendations for a major global CPG producer

Case study

Our Enablers to jump-start your AI Journey

The Digital Pumpkin

The Digital Pumpkin is a co-innovation facility that helps our clients accelerate their digital innovation, conduct primary research and create functional prototypes and pilotable solutions.

We synthesize consumer behavior insights, business insights and technology adoption trends into digital business solution concepts that resonate with our clients’ business goals.

Decision Moments

With diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytical capabilities, Decision Moments is Mindtree's data analytics platform that helps organizations deliver targeted digital solutions and gain full value from their digital transformation.

Decision Moments applies continuous learning algorithms to large data pools and helps companies uncover compelling insights that improve over time and create more value from their digital transformation.

Mindtree’s Data Science and Engineering Accelerators and Solutions

Decision Moments

Data science sandbox with pre-built algorithm, templates, apps for faster execution and value-led experimentation


Uses Big Data, Analytics and Mobility to Accelerate CPG Sales

Deep Learning Models

Reusable models for Entity Extraction, Object & Scene Identification, Visual Search, Stock Level Identification, Vehicle Model Identification, etc.

Decision Moments for Marketers

Sandbox for marketer with pre-built algorithm, templates, apps for faster execution and value-led experimentation


A demand signal repository for point-of-sale (POS) data management and automated integration


Comprehensive Platform for building Conversational Applications and supports multiple cognitive services

Gladius Connected Buildings

Combining, intelligent controls, video and IoT analytics

ATLAS Intelyzers

Automated predictive and corrective maintenance capabilities for managed services


Automation framework to discover and identify automation opportunities, and design and execute appropriate automation solutions

Academic Partnerships

An endowed faculty scholar position and to partner on research in areas of AI - Computer Vision and Explainable AI
Endowment of the Mindtree Associate Professor Chair on Artificial Intelligence, nurture crucial AI research
Dedicated Faculty Fellow position in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Mindtree's Strategic Partners to make AI Pervasive

Technology Trends

Tech Beacon - The Technology Harbinger 2019

Technology is core to Mindtree. It is extremely important in building capability and capacity for us to keep a sharp focus on emerging technologies. In this effort, we constantly explore and experiment with emerging technologies and gauge their maturity levels for consumption by enterprises. We do this by comparing and contrasting them with similar tools already in use.

Tech Beacon is an initiative to compile outcomes of our experimentation and technology adoption guidance for enterprises. We group technologies under three categories: Invest, Experiment and Watch. We explain these categories in detail in this report.

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