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Partner with Mindtree to deliver new experiences at the convergence of edge, intelligence, and humanity, to build competitive differentiation and create value. Harness the power of the IoT to build and optimize connected operations, take customer experience to the next level, and enable new business models by leveraging sensor data, and applying advanced analytics at the edge.

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Mindtree's IoT solutions, services and accelerators

IoT Services

IoT Services

Based on your current level of IoT adoption, Mindtree offer services that span the entire lifecycle of IoT engagements. Choose from our Consulting, Engineering or Specialized IoT services to achieve your connected business objectives.

IoT Solutions and Accelerators

IoT solutions

From improving process efficiencies and delivering better customer experiences to generating new revenue streams, Mindtree’s ready-to-use, end-to-end solutions and accelerators help you build your IoT solutions in the shortest time frame

Mindtree's Metal to Cloud capability

At Mindtree, we understand that the power of IoT is unleashed by not just connecting sensors but by employing advanced analytics models right at the edge, to enable real-time, here-and-now actions. True success in IoT comes only when it is coupled with design thinking to keep the human element right at the center. Our design thinking-centered approach to IoT ensures that it is useful to the most important element of all – people.

IoT should really be termed “Intelligence of Things”. Our Decision Moments platform brings IoT analytics to life, rapidly moving from descriptive to predictive to prescriptive analytics.

Realizing IoT solutions requires multi-disciplinary capabilities that stretch from devices to the enterprise. Our metal to cloud* capability enables us to provide end-to-end services for all your IoT needs.

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Our blueprint to build IoT-powered digital-next enterprise

Our executional methodology is built on the foundational tenets of edge, intelligence and humanity to gain customer advocacy. This blueprint has been put to execution to enable enterprises to:

  • Digitalize the core to modernize their legacy ecosystem to accelerate transformation, operationalize with a platform approach to scale for business problems and transform to autonomous multi-speed for faster time to market
  • Implement intelligence-powered humane ecosystem with a journey science approach for contextualized experience, delivering insights-as-as-service to derive relevant and real-time insights and democratizing AI in an explainable and ethical manner
  • Provide cognitive experience delivery through digital experience platforms for improved engagement, creating immersive experiences at the intelligent edge and providing ubiquitous access to information for augmented decision making

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Considerations for developing IoT solutions

IoT is an exciting field with a number of very interesting challenges to solve, and a wide-open plethora of possibilities. IoT solutions therefore need to be built right, to evolve and scale, along with the business imperatives they power. IoT is an area with significant use cases already, and a very large potential on the horizon. The considerations when building solutions on IoT expand for typical large-scale enterprise applications. This multi-part blog will attempt to cover considerations that are specific to building solutions in the IoT ecosystem.

Tech Beacon - The Technology Harbinger 2019

Technology is core to Mindtree. It is extremely important in building capability and capacity. We also make it a point to understand the application of these technologies in the context of our customers. In this effort, we constantly explore and experiment with emerging technologies and gauge their maturity levels for consumption by enterprises. We do this by comparing and contrasting them with similar tools already in use.

Tech Beacon is Mindtree's annual initiative to compile outcomes of our experimentation and provide technology adoption guidance for enterprises. We group technologies under three categories: Invest, Experiment and Watch. We explain these categories in detail in this report.

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