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Mindtree focuses on four areas of IoT: Connected Assets, Connected People, Connected Premises, and Connected Vehicles. We view these as intrinsic entities, combining which a multitude of scenarios will emerge.

Our ready IoT solutions and IoT accelerators address these specific areas and help businesses derive benefits in the shortest possible time.

Mindtree Asset+

Asset+ enables rapid onboarding of existing assets to make them connected and smarter, thereby improving efficiency, uptime and simplifying Operations

  • Simplified commercial model
  • Improved efficiency through predictive maintenance
  • Security at all levels: device to cloud
  • Improved uptime with proactive maintenance of parts
  • Simplified operations through unified dashboards and real-time alerts
  • Highly configurable to handle multiple asset types, world ove

Mindtree People+

People+ enables real-time visibility into employee and asset location in-premises; with integration with rosters, schedules, and tool registers, it enables a highly connected, highly informed and responsive workforce.

  • Employee efficiency improvement of 10%+
  • Improved compliance to audits by 20%+
  • Better responsiveness to hazards and other situations
  • Accurate location sensing
  • deep analytics for scenarios such as frequent paths and crowd prediction

Mindtree’s Skylark and Falcon for real time IoT stream analytics

The power of IoT is about the ability to ingest and respond to data in real time. While simplistic rules to alert on threshold breaches have been around for long time, these have limited purpose. The more sophisticated and business critical analytics are those that alert even before a breach has happened, and those that go beyond a single asset. Examples are:

  • Alert me when more than 2 of my 4 compressors in Farm7 are in alert status
  • Inform the supervisor when temperature has been monotonically increasing at a rate of 2 degrees Celsius per minute for the last 15 minutes
  • Alert when there has been a threshold breach more than thrice in the last 24 hours
  • Tell me when the speedtorque curve is being deviated from by more than 5%
  • Notify when more than 17 people have been in Lab12 for more than 3 hours

All these scenarios and more are what Mindtree’s Skylark and Falcon enable. Falcon is our highly scalable and flexible stream processing engine that allows us to perform correlation and temporal analytics on many streams of data from multiple assets and people, on the cloud. The equivalent on the edge, Skylark, powers our edge intelligence – enriching, transforming, and correlating across assets connected to our intelligent gateway stack. Mindtree’s Skylark and Falcon power both Asset+ and People+ IoT solutions.

Mindtree’s Fusion Node and Intelligent Gateway for multi-protocol adaptation

Mindtree’s Fusion Node incorporates a highly flexible plug-and-play paradigm for being able to ingest data across a variety of southbound protocols – serial, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LoRA, as well as many northbound protocols– ZigBee, Wi-Fi, and LoRa. The solution also adapts itself to application protocols such as Modbus, and proprietary protocols that off-the-shelf devices may expose. Fusion node presently runs on Free RTOS on TI microcontrollers.

The Mindtree Intelligent Gateway stack complements Fusion Node by bringing in device management, edge intelligence, and pluggable communication protocols. The Intelligent Gateway runs on Linux on microprocessor hardware architecture.

Mindtree’s Big Data Analytics platform

In addition to the core IoT solutions and accelerators, we leverage Decision Moments, Mindtree's big data analytics platform to bring in machine learning capability.

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