Duck Creek

Duck Creek Accelerators

Mindtree has a large inventory of accelerators, integration technology and deep-seated processes suited for waterfall, agile and hybrid approaches. We have an extensive suite of unique accelerators that help deploy new products or upgrade existing ones in shorter time frames efficiently, and with decreased risk.

Mindtree Accelerator for Duck Creek Suite.


A scalable architecture for efficiently and rapidly defining and creating multiple lines of business, products or geographies, backed by template-based best practices.


A toolkit of reusable processes and templates for capturing, cataloging and documenting business objects, such as rules, rates, forms and transactions for different lines of business.


A proprietary, multi-point integration platform with out-of-the-box connections to a range of insurance industry data service providers such as LexisNexis, Pitney Bowes and ISO.


A data migration framework for improving data integrity and quality when moving from legacy to new platforms.


An automated functional and regression testing framework for policy and administration systems.

Quickstart templates

Templates for specialty insurance lines such as farm, surety, medical malpractice, credit and more.