Duck Creek

Duck Creek Upgrade Services

With more than 110 successful Duck Creek projects under our belt, Mindtree has the required resources, expertise and experience needed to provide effective and efficient upgradation services. We provide upgradation and customization services for Duck Creek components such as:

  • Duck Creek skins, which include manuscripts, themes, forms, task management, etc.
  • Database components
  • Custom components driven by business
  • Interfaces
  • Hardware/ software considerations

Duck Creek upgrades call for deep product expertise and skill. Some of our capabilities around Duck Creek upgrades include:

  • Modifications made directly in the Duck Creek core manuscripts may result in overwriting or lost changes
  • Correctly inheriting older manuscripts
  • New client manuscripts placed in base manuscripts directory instead of the carrier layer
  • Adding new manuscripts into manuscripts catalog instead of custom catalogues

We begin by doing a thorough assessment of the client’s existing Duck Creek system and produce a comprehensive report identifying the key areas that need to be addressed. Next, we develop a multi-step migration plan to address the upgradation issues. Based on our experience of working with the most complex Duck Creek upgradations, we have created a test methodology to de-risk and streamline the upgrade processes. This involves release planning, test design, building test cases and implementation, and severity based test exit criteria.

We use our Duck Creek upgrade services framework methodology to install the desired version and build custom components and interfaces as required by our clients.