Bluetooth low energy v5.0 Controller, Stack, Profiles and Mesh v1.0 IP are BQB qualified

Mindtree is a front runner of Bluetooth Intellectual Property (IP) solutions for the last 17 years. We provide the latest and most comprehensive Bluetooth Qualification Body (BQB)-qualified Bluetooth technology solutions, covering both Silicon IP and software stacks. Continuing our commitment to offering the latest in Bluetooth technology to our clients, we offer BQB-certified, fully-featured Bluetooth Mesh v1.0 Stack and comprehensive v5.0 Stack & Profiles IP.

Bluetooth SIG Component Certification #D038059

BlueLitE v5.0 Single Mode Silicon IP

Bluetooth 5 is the recent upgrade to the Bluetooth low energy standard. It provides a 2X increase in speed, 4X increase in the range, 8X increase in broadcasting capacity as compared to the v4.2 specification. BlueLitE, Mindtree’s Bluetooth low energy 5 IP supports all the mandatory and optional features from the specification which includes the 2Mbps feature, advertising length extension and long range features. Architectured for low foot print and very low power, BlueLitE controller is a software-hardware co-design. The time critical features are implemented in hardware and the logical features are implemented in software.

Bluetooth low energy 5, together with the Bluetooth Mesh specifications, are set to make Bluetooth the preferred connectivity of choice in IoT markets such as connected home, commercial lighting and industrial wireless sensor network markets.

EtherMind Bluetooth Mesh v1.0 IP

Bluetooth Mesh is set to revolutionize the connected homes, industrial and lighting markets. EtherMind, Mindtree’s Bluetooth Mesh stack, combines the core mesh profiles and the mesh models with all the mandatory and optional features. Mindtree’s Bluetooth Mesh IP is not only qualified, but also has been licensed to major semiconductor companies globally.

The stack offers a simple set of interfaces that helps developers convert their Bluetooth low energy-enabled embedded device into a mesh-ready node. The Mesh IP is designed for portability across any existing (third party) Bluetooth low energy stack that exposes the GAP and GATT interfaces.

EtherMind v5.0 Single Mode Stack & Profiles IP

Bluetooth low energy version, EtherMind v5.0 specifications focuses on increased data throughput and better power efficiency. Mindtree’s BQB-certified Single Mode Stack & Profiles is comprehensive and supports all single mode profiles and roles. The IP is production-proven and has been licensed to tier-1 OEMs and semiconductor vendors globally.

EtherMind Stack & Profiles is optimized to run equally efficiently on embedded platforms and host CPUs. It often requires between 2x-10x lesser memory compared to competitive offerings. Similar to the Mesh IP, the Stack & Profiles are designed for portability across OS, MCU architecture and is inter-operable across any BQB-compliant Bluetooth low energy chipset.

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