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Rapid technology advances has led to significant increase in the number of connected devices with higher computing power and capabilities, all available at lower costs. While more computing power and connectivity helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) bring new features to devices, it is extremely challenging to make the best use of the hardware to enable features, provide best-in-class usability and continuous improvement. Mindtree’s Embedded Intelligence group delivers expert services and capabilities to help OEMs realize new products faster and with improved quality.

With more than 14 years of experience working with semiconductor and product manufacturing companies, our Embedded Intelligence team has contributed to a large number of product realization activities and have long term associations with leading global companies. We offers ownership of the product from conceptualization to delivery of ready-to-manufacture solutions.

We deliver embedded intelligence services to OEMs, semiconductor and enterprise hardware manufacturers.

OEMs: Our complex embedded platform integration services enable equipment providers to rapidly scale new product introduction volume with reduced risk by addressing multimedia, platform software, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and connectivity sub-systems.

Semiconductor manufacturers: Our expert-driven platform engineering services deliver efficient silicon validation, optimized board support packages and technology enabling applications and help semiconductor manufacturers develop new platforms with better quality and reduced re-engineering efforts.

Enterprise hardware manufacturers: We help develop and enhance high availability solutions for enterprise hardware manufacturers by providing our expertise on protocol engineering and superior platform engineering capabilities.

Our expertise extends from software stack to board support packages, device drivers, system software and application development and integration and customization services. Our experts have developed solutions for home infotainment, in-vehicle infotainment, navigation, building automation, video surveillance, switches, routers and data center solutions.

Our embedded intelligence services include:

Platform engineering: As the number of features required on any device continues to increase, ensuring sufficient resources and usability of every feature requires right structuring and optimal implementation of the required services. Embedded intelligence is vital for these reasons. Our team works in embedded intelligence services right from product requirements to ensure that the platform provides the right capabilities to applications. Our Platform Engineering Software group provides services for board support packages, firmware development, device driver software, Real Time Operating System (RTOS), porting (Android, Linux, QNX, Windows Embedded, VxWorks, FreeRTOS), and system software.

System integration: We help companies focus on core solutions with our system integration services to identify third-party, as well as open source solutions andsoftware components to develop high-quality products. With rich experience derived from working on various products, our experts combine domain, technology and engineering skills to identify and integrate the best components to drive successful product development.

Protocol engineering: We provide development and sustenance services for protocol suites covering Layer2-Layer7 communication protocols. Our contributions have powered products ranging from switches, routers and gateways for leading communications equipment companies. With platform and protocol expertise, our engineers take complete ownership of product development, sustenance and testing.

Application development, porting and sustenance: It is always a challenge to develop applications on embedded devices and provide the best user experience.. The various types of devices coupled with advancements in display and input technologies add to the challenge. Our expertise in technology, UI frameworks and user experience design enable superior application development on a variety of embedded devices. Our solutions drive a wide range of products including wearable devices, dashboard units, navigation devices, smart phones, diagnostic devices and routers.

Testing: Our options for embedded intelligence testing services are vast. Our services include post-silicon validation and test automation as well as platform, module, integration, product and pre-certification testing.

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