Product Sustenance

Extend product life, enhance revenue and customer retention

The pace of technology shortens the life cycle of products. But customers who have invested in products that are reaching maturity still expect those products to deliver new features and a rich, data-driven experience. To meet those expectations, drive added revenue and retain your customers, you need to work with a proven product sustenance partner.

Mature product challenges

Mindtree helps organizations open the door to new mature product opportunities by addressing three key challenges.

  1. Retain customers
    By researching competing products and using predictive analytics to identify user needs and plans to abandon a product, Mindtree can create a proactive plan to retain customers.
  2. Reduce TCO, improve margins and satisfaction
    Mindtree helps companies reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and boost revenues by right-sizing the team, right-shoring the resources, and right-shaping products to reduce expenditures. We also offer profit- and revenue-sharing incentives.
  3. Find a partner with proven experience
    From devising a project execution strategy to planning, forecasting, and tracking events to providing metrics and delivering customer satisfaction, Mindtree has the experience and platform for end-to-end product sustenance.

Mindtree sustenance solutions success stories – a snapshot

See how Mindtree helped two organizations revitalize their mature products, drive added revenue and improve customer retention.

Security solutions leader boosts mature product revenue 100 percent

When a company decided to extend the life of its aging security solution, Mindtree helped the company switch to Agile development, which quadrupled the speed of feature releases, and it implemented continuous testing and rigid validation programs. As a result, product revenue grew 100 percent in five years, subscriptions increased and Mindtree handled the transformation with no engineering cost to the client.

Network equipment manufacturer develops next-generation products

To help a network equipment manufacturer overcome cloud market shifts, Mindtree developed and tested new products built on software-defined everything (SDX) principles, filed patents and drove ecosystem readiness with the company’s cloud service providers. The revenue-sharing model enabled data center switches and compute to grow faster while retaining and growing the company’s market share in data center hardware.

Mindtree’s innovation-led approach drives seamless delivery

A leader in product sustenance innovation, Mindtree has a proven approach to extend the life of products, retain current customers, acquire new ones and rejuvenate your brand.


Product Sustenance

Driving revenue and expanding the market for mature products

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