BlueLitE Bluetooth 5 and 4.2 IP

Controller, Digital PHY, Stack and Profiles for Bluetooth low energy

Mindtree’s BlueLitE Bluetooth low energy 5 and 4.2 IP is a Software and Hardware co-design which has two components, the LP Controller (Link layer, PHY) and Bluetooth Stack & Profiles.

BlueLitE IP is qualified by Bluetooth SIG and is Silicon Proven. BlueLitE 4.x IP is in mass production with multiple leading semiconductor companies. BlueLitE 5 is licensed to lead customers. We expect the first Bluetooth 5 IC based on our IP to be in production shortly.

BlueLitE IP includes all the essential components needed for a complete single mode solution, excluding RF. For RF Mindtree has partnered with leading RF IP suppliers across the globe.

To know more, view our BlueLitE 5 Brochure
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Bluetooth Qualification Listings

5 Single mode – Licensed

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4.2 Single mode – Stack & Profile and Link Layer

4.1 Single mode - Stack & Profile and Link Layer

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