BlueLitE Bluetooth 5.1 and 5 IP

Controller, Digital PHY, Stack and Profiles for Bluetooth low energy

Mindtree’s BlueLitE Bluetooth low energy 5.1 and 5 IP is a software and hardware co-design which has two components, the LP Controller (Link layer, PHY) and Bluetooth Stack & Profiles.

BlueLitE IP is qualified by Bluetooth SIG and is Silicon Proven. BlueLitE 4.x IP is in mass production with multiple leading semiconductor companies. BlueLitE 5 is licensed to lead customers. We expect the first Bluetooth 5 IC based on our IP to be in production shortly.

BlueLitE IP includes all the essential components needed for a complete single mode solution, excluding RF. For RF Mindtree has partnered with leading RF IP suppliers across the globe.

To know more, view our BlueLitE 5.1 Brochure
View our BlueLitE IP Demo

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