EtherMind Bluetooth 5.1 IP

Stack & Profile for Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy

Mindtree’s EtherMind Bluetooth 5.1 is a dual-mode Bluetooth software IP consisting of stacks, profiles and application frameworks for basic and enhanced data rate and Bluetooth Low Energy. This solution is easily portable across different operating systems and many processor platforms, including 8-bit processors for Bluetooth Low Energy.

The EtherMind Bluetooth IP has been adopted extensively by our clients, and we strive to deliver interoperability, high quality, reliability, functionality and portability to meet your needs.

Additionally, EtherMind Bluetooth Classic has been integrated into mobile devices and mono headsets, which simplifies maintenance, builds reliable functioning and delivers a holistic view to increase quality of service. Plus, this IP stack can be configured to execute as a two-task or a single task model during compile time, and the stack APIs are non-blocking.

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