EtherMind IEEE - 11073


Mindtree offers Continua Health Alliance certified EtherMind IEEE-11073 Stack (EtherMind IEEE-11073 Manager - Certification ID 38 and EtherMind IEEE -11073 Glucose meter agent – Certification ID 39) for connected health applications. This solution comprises of the IEEE-11073-20601 layer, a comprehensive suite of IEEE-11073 104xx manager and agent roles for a host of device specializations as per Continua 1.5 specifications.

The Product has a complete implementation of the adopted IEEE 11073 standards and supports all defined device specializations on both the host and the device sides. The IEEE-11073 supports both the Bluetooth Health Device Profile and USB Personal Health Device Class (PHDC). Mindtree also offers the PHDC driver to augment existing USB drivers.

Mindtree’s EtherMind IEEE 11073 stack is an optimized, abstracted & layered solution which is Continua Health Alliance certified supporting multiple platforms to suit the needs of OEMs in Medical, Health & Fitness industry segments as well as PC and mobile phone manufacturers.

Our CHA certified EtherMind IEEE-11073 stack can be used, in both the small sensor devices and relatively larger collector/monitoring equipment hosts such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and PCs, interacting with each other using wired or wireless PAN or LAN.

With CHA’s defined interoperable system, one vendor’s device will be able to seamlessly communicate with other vendor’s host, and all these devices can easily become part of a larger health care system. The stack’s compactness, maturity and completeness, allows consumer medical device makers tablet OEMs and smartphone OEMs to realize an easy path to commercializing Continua-enabled products.

To know more, view our EtherMind IEEE - 11073 Stack Brochure

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