Enabling reliable Bluetooth solutions

Enabling reliable Bluetooth solutions

Mindtree brings in a unique blend of proven market solutions in Bluetooth to help clients effectively address their most difficult challenges.

A frontrunner in the short-range wireless space for over a decade, we provide the latest and most comprehensive Bluetooth technology solutions, covering both silicon IP and software stacks. Our solutions are highly robust and interoperable.

We are a leading provider of Bluetooth IP and consulting services for semiconductor companies and OEMs. We have invested over 500 person-years in Bluetooth technology since the year 2000. Over the years, we have consistently certified generations of our silicon and software IP from v1.1 to v4.1 by the Bluetooth SIG.

Our leadership in Bluetooth technology is demonstrated by our enduring commitment to interoperability. We are the only IP provider in the world today that has attended over 30 UnPlugFests—global interoperability events hosted by the Bluetooth SIG. Our v2.1+EDR, v4.0 and 4.1 solutions have been tested with all of the world’s leading Bluetooth semiconductor vendors who provide their own solutions. These solutions have also been tested with a number of leading OEMs across consumer, audio, automotive, accessories and mobile phones. .

Our IPs are designed to consume an optimal amount of resources in terms of Million Instructions per Second (MIPS), memory and gate count. We offer qualified consulting, IP customization, porting, integration, pre-qualification and interoperability testing services around the IP.

Our IPs are available as two licensable products.

  • EtherMind is our software IP for both Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready which consists of stack, profiles and application frameworks for Bluetooth versions 4.1, 4.0 and 2.1+EDR
  • BlueLitE is our IP for Bluetooth® Smart (v 4.1 and 4.0) which consists of baseband controller (link layer), digital PHY (modem), stack and profiles.

EtherMind – Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready Protocol Stack and Profiles

EtherMind is our intellectual property (IP) suite for Bluetooth Smart Ready, Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth v2.1+EDR Stack and Profiles. EtherMind is a comprehensive offering which consists of all the mandatory and optional features of the core stack and all the adopted profiles across the technology specification.

EtherMind is designed for use in sensor-based devices, cellular phones, automotive equipment, personal navigation devices, medical equipment, consumer electronics like watches, audio speakers, headsets and more. This IP has been integrated into multiple products and is designed to suit the needs of product OEMs and ODMs as well as semiconductor companies. EtherMind enables customer to reduce market risk of integrating Bluetooth in the product while accelerating the development cycle. The large base of customers is testimony of the IP’s high quality, proven reliability, functionality and portability as per the adopted Bluetooth specifications.

Bluetooth SIG qualified and market adoption

EtherMind has been listed with the Bluetooth SIG for over a decade now. It has undergone certification from v1.1 standard through the latest v4.0 standard. Please refer to sidebar for qualification listings of the 4.0 Bluetooth Smart Ready, 4.0 Bluetooth Smart and v2.1+EDR stack and profiles.

EtherMind ships with leading OEMs such as Garmin, NEC, Logitech and semiconductor companies like Lapis Semiconductor. It is also licensed to some of the top 10 semiconductor companies in the world as part of their semiconductor chip programs.

We are acknowledged by the Bluetooth SIG as one of the co-creators of the Bluetooth 4.0 & 4.1 specification(s). With active participation in several SIG working groups as well as previous leadership positions (Vice Chair of the Medical working group; Councilor on the Bluetooth Architecture Review Board), Mindtree’s contributions have led to several different specifications and use cases being adopted into the technology over the last 14 years. The working groups in which Mindtree has contributed include Core (CSWG), Medical, ULP, Car, Telephony, GNSS, and Multi Profile.

Portability and scalability

EtherMind is written completely in ANSI C and is designed for easy portability. The dependency of the IP on the operating system and the Bluetooth Controller is abstracted using the Operating System Abstraction Layer (OSAL) and the HCI interface. OSAL requires support only for thread/task creation, synchronization primitives and memory management from the underlying operating system. Only the OSAL layer and platform-specific layers (UART driver, writing to persistent storage, timer, etc.) implementation needs to change for a specific platform. The OSAL for most commercial and free embedded operating systems is already available with Mindtree.

The various modules in the EtherMind suite are compile-time configurable to enable only necessary features and functionality, making it the most compact implementation in the industry. The code base of EtherMind remains the same, from personal navigation devices to resource-constrained devices like headsets and watches. This ensures that moving platforms and operating systems is easier and improvements and enhancements can be made available quickly across platforms.

Profile(s) support

EtherMind provides the most complete portfolio of Bluetooth SIG adopted profiles for any version of the standard. EtherMind ships with all the profiles and all the roles that are currently adopted. Mindtree also delivers any newly adopted profile within 4-6 weeks of adoption by the Bluetooth SIG as it participates in the standardization of the profile. By participating in the Bluetooth SIG working groups, we also follow the new profile definition as well as newer versions of existing profile/protocol specification. This helps us keep EtherMind aligned with the adopted version of the specifications. Please refer to qualification information for the complete list of supported profile(s) and protocol(s).


EtherMind is highly interoperable with current products in the market and tested at global “UnPlugFest” interoperability events hosted by the Bluetooth SIG. It is also tested for compliance using PTS and is regularly re-qualified for compliance. Mindtree participates in the definition of many specification and the corresponding test specification definition as contributor or owner. Early implementation and interoperability testing provides better understanding of the specification, and allows verification with multiple leading vendors across several UPFs and IOP events, further improving interoperability.

BlueLitE – Bluetooth Smart Controller, Digital Phy and Stack

BlueLitE is our product line of Intellectual Property offerings for Bluetooth Smart version 4.0 and version 4.1. BlueLitE is silicon proven and is currently in mass production and has been incorporated into watches from a leading Japanese OEM.

We offer all the essential components needed to complete a Bluetooth Smart solution, excluding the RF. We partner with IP providers who supply RF IP to create a complete solution. BlueLitE is composed of the following component IPs.

BlueLitE-SP is the stack and profile solution for Bluetooth® Smart. The BlueLitE-SP is designed to be portable on a variety of platforms, including 8 bit microcontrollers with minimal system resources.

BlueLitE-LP is the controller (link layer and physical layer) implementation for Bluetooth Smart. The link layer is a combined hardware-firmware implementation. In BlueLitE-LP, the time critical functions are implemented in the hardware, while the firmware takes care of complex decision-making which is invoked sometimes.

BlueLitE controller is designed for easy SoC integration with the following key design considerations.

  • High degree of configurability based on target application
  • Designed for portability across 16-bit/32-bit processors
  • Architecture of firmware for low foot-print and high latency tolerance
  • Optimized memory architecture
  • Easy integration with third party modem/RF enabled by flexible interfaces