Go to market faster with the most innovative chips

Go to market faster with the most innovative chips

Rapid evolution of Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) is driven by the constant challenge of developing first-pass silicon in short time-to-market spans, while keeping development costs low. Our VLSI practice, with a strong focus on innovation and led by an expert engineering team, provides end-to-end semiconductor services that effectively address customer challenges.

We bring several years of experience and deep expertise in the verification continuum—from intellectual property (IP) to system, including all intermediate stages of verification with exposure to various customer and industry-standard methodologies. We have proven expertise in verifying multi-million gate System on Chips (SoCs) and sub-systems across technology segments including mobility, wireless, automotive and multimedia. We constantly upgrade our team’s skills in latest tools, technologies and methodologies.

Our strong Analog Layout team is equipped to take complete ownership of your organization’s analog macros migration needs. Customers migrating their analog designs across foundries or process nodes have found us to be an effective low-cost, high quality alternative. We have successfully supported development of Analog macros for foundry Process Design Kits (PDKs) and nodes, including cutting edge Ultra-Deep Submicron (UDSM) nodes.

With a decade of significant investments in engineering complex IPs, We are one of the leading providers of Bluetooth silicon IP. With expertise and experience in sustaining complex protocol IPs, we are well-positioned to support sustenance needs of IP groups in semiconductor companies. Our team has worked on multiple connectivity, security and communication IPs with assured IP quality. Mindtree can be a Center of Excellence (CoE) for complex customer IPs, including development and verification for sustenance and feature enhancements, SoC integration, post-silicon validation and customer support.

We have delivered multiple first-pass SoCs, with complete ownership from specification to silicon. With focus on the emerging, high-volume market of wearable devices and Internet of Things, we deliver derivative engineering services that enable quick time-to-market and concurrent product delivery. Our investment in a reference wearable device SoC platform is a significant effort to create a unique team, with deep understanding required to develop SoC solutions for this market with cost, power and performance tradeoffs.