Ensure defect-free, predictable SAP systems

The complexity of SAP systems can put pressure on in-house staff to ensure defect-free, predictable system operation.

Mindtree testing services reduce costs up to 30% with proven methodologies, reusable tools and SAP integration expertise. Our MindTest™ integrated test methodology is based on best practices established through testing thousands of applications. MindTest aligns test strategies with business objectives to track and measure the gap between existing and expected outcomes to deliver measurable software quality results.

Hybrid Test Automation Framework for SAP

Many organizations lack the functional knowledge for testing SAP systems. Our proprietary customizable SAP HTAF, developed using HP QuickTest Professional (HP-QTP), significantly reduces the test automation life cycle. The framework uses test case repositories and proven models to reduce automation costs by more than 50%.

Proven Track Record

Mindtree's testing experts have helped leading enterprises ensure defect-free, predictable SAP systems. We reduce testing cycles by 40% for balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement and other reports through automation and best practices. We saved one multibillion telecommunications enterprise 300 plus person-days with regression testing.