Faster and more predictable SAP upgrades

For businesses that rely on SAP, upgrades are essential to business success. But keeping upgrade costs under control is challenging.

Mindtree offers comprehensive services for faster, more predictable upgrade results. Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of some service providers, Mindtree's services are tailored to customers who require specialized support for complex upgrades.

Upgrade Assessment Tool

Mindtree leverages proprietary impact analysis and SAP upgrade assessment tools to quickly identify custom objects that will be affected by the proposed upgrade.

Test Automation

Our proprietary Hybrid Test Automation Frameworks minimize test cycle times. Built-in reusable test scripts cover a wide range of SAP modules.

Risk-Based Testing

Mindtree's risk-based testing methodology identifies and prioritizes high impact modules. We sequence test mission-critical areas and ensure minimal disruption to your organization's processes.